Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 22nd November 2012

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Best Song Ever Written - God Can
James Jameson from Christchurch has chosen "God Can" by the Staples Singers. [more]

Your Place - Dipton
A township of fewer than 200 people straddling the Oreti River, 20 kilometres south of Lumsden and 60 kilometres north of Invercargill. A recent resurgence of dairy farming in Southland has revived local spirits, and Dipton is seen as a shining example of the community spirit common in many small New Zealand towns. [more]

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge 2012
Cycling around Lake Taupo once, a distance of 160 km, is quite an achievement for anyone. Over the next few days, some cyclists will be making that lap not once, not twice but up to eight times. [more]

Singer songwriter Anna van Riel
Singer songwriter Anna van Riel is planning to sing her way through Canada and the United States for eight weeks with her husband and 19-month-old daughter. Anna will perform house concerts in eco-conscious homes, singing for her supper from Vancouver to Colorado. To pay for the airfares and rental car, she's offering to come to your house, put on a concert and cook dinner too. [more]

The Arts Report
Historian Mark Derby and documentary painter Bob Kerr collaborate to remember the 1912 miners' strike in Waihi. [more]

Southern Story for 22 November 2012 - Heritage Buildings
Heritage advocates say its not too late to save some of Christchurch's most significant buildings. A special fund dedicated to restoring quake damaged buildings has already given out several million dollars to heritage projects. And the fund has now mounted a photographic exhibition to show what's been achieved. Our Christchurch Correspondent, Katy Gosset, took a look. [more]

Our Changing World - Night Milk
A new product called 'night milk' is being tested to see if it helps insomniacs sleep better. Ruth Beran goes to Ekta Bhindi's home to watch as Shelley Mather prepares her for a sleep study, and Matthew Johnson from WellSleep at the University of Otago explains what 'night milk' is, and how the trial is being conducted. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 22 November 2012
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with Tim Watkin and Lindsay Dawson (Part 1)
Topic Kim Dotcom's lawyers have been back at the High Court in Auckland today for a hearing behind closed doors. [more]

The Panel with Tim Watkin and Lindsay Dawson (Part 2)
Topics - The entire Christian calendar is based on a miscalculation, the Pope has declared. Jesus was born earlier than we thought. The Church of England will definitely have women bishops "in my lifetime", says Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York. A Colmar Brunton study shows the level of dishonesty among young New Zealanders under the age of 30 - generation Y - is "shockingly high". Amazon, the world's biggest online retailer, has come under fire over the amount of UK tax it pays. [more]

At The Movies

At The Movies for 22 Nov 2012
Simon Morris goes to the final Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2 - hoping it will finally make sense. He also reviews a documentary about fashion empress, Diana (DEE-ARNA) Vreeland, and a little Sundance Festival winner with an intriguing name, Robot And Frank. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 22 November 2012
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 22 November 2012
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 22 November 2012
Fisher and Paykel Healthcare's profits jump by a fifth. International leaders fail to reach a deal for emergency aid for Greece and the stock market rises. [more]

Evening Business for 22 November 2012
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 22 November 2012
Shares in the medical equipment manufacturer, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, have closed up 5 cents to 2-dollars-49 each after it posted an improved half year profit, thanks to record sales. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 22 November 2012
The country's most dangerous roads are revealed, the wreckage of a helicopter, missing for almost 9 years, is found and DOC is convicted over the death of a Raoul Island volunteer. [more]

SH 1 from Huntly to Hamilton is the country's most dangerous
More people are being killed or seriously injured on a notorious stretch of road from Huntly to Hamilton - the most dangerous state highway in the country. [more]

Wreckage and bodies found in 8 year helicopter mystery
An aviation investigator says he's heartbroken and relieved the wreckage of a helicopter, which went missing almost 9 years ago, has been found in the mountains of Fiordland. [more]

DoC convicted over volunteer's death
The Department of Conservation has been convicted over the death of a volunteer working on Raoul Island in January. [more]

Dunedin Council's credit rating downgraded
The outlook for Dunedin's credit rating has been downgraded in a sign of growing nervousness from credit ratings agencies about the council's large debts. [more]

Sports News for 22 November 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Scientists to analyse Tongariro ash
Scientists say another eruption from Mount Tongariro is very likely in the next few weeks and months. [more]

Testing on Tongariro continues to see when mountain can reopen
The Department of Conservation had about 20 staff pouring over Tongariro data today, trying to determine when the mountain will be open again. [more]

Coroners' Findings highlight the dangers of binge drinking
A coroner is calling for mandatory labels on alcohol packaging, warning of the dangers of binge drinking. [more]

MPs told change on marriage law would give homosexuals equality
MPs have been told that allowing gay people to marry would give them equality with heterosexuals. [more]

Auckland Hospital officials accused of over-reacting
Auckland Hospital officials are being accused of over-reacting in their investigation of who emailed x-rays of an eel stuck inside a patient's rectum. [more]

Councillors say Govt trying to take over Auckland planning
Several Auckland councillors have accused the government of trying to take control of the city, by deciding how an important new plan will be brought in. [more]

The most notorious stretch of road
A notorious stretch of road through central Waikato has been named as the country's most dangerous state highway. [more]

Missing persons case solved
An eight-year-old missing persons case appears to have been solved, with the discovery of the wreckage of a helicopter in the Fiordland mountains. [more]

Homeless New Zealanders sent back from Queensland
The number of homeless New Zealanders being sent back from living rough in Queensland is climbing. [more]

New mental health unit on Auckland's North Shore
Auckland's North Shore hospital has been given the go-ahead to build a new 25 million dollar mental health unit. [more]

Sports News for 22 November 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Christchurch City Council votes to save quake-damaged town hall
The Christchurch mayor admits the city council's decision to save the town hall may hinder the Government's plans for the city, but he says the building is too important to lose. [more]

High Tech Business Hub Opens in Central Christchurch
High-tech companies in Christchurch are set to drive the rebuilding of the quake ravaged city. [more]

Chemist wins top science award
For the first time a scientist has won three of the Royal Society of New Zealand's Research Honours in one year, including the prestigious Rutherford Medal. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 22 November 2012
The country's most dangerous road is named and airlines resume regional flights after the Mount Tongariro eruption. [more]

Midday Sports News for 22 November 2012
Australian duo Craig Hancock and Daniel Fox lead on the first day of the New Zealand Golf Open at the Clearwater course in Christchurch today. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Thursday 22 November 2012
The latest on the Tongariro eruption saga from verious perspectives; Transmission Gully gets the green light out of the capital; An unexpected banning, The Hobbit pulls a Radio NZ media accreditation; Novopay shambles and; Gaza ceasefire. [more]

Tongariro eruption puts tourism operators on edge
Yesterday's eruption has forced the closure of the popular Tongariro crossing and caused concern among local tourism businesses. [more]

Pacific News for 22 November 2012
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Close eye kept on Tongariro after eruption
Vulcanologists warn that yesterday's eruption may not be the last in the current spate of activity. [more]

Mt Tongariro quiet overnight after yesterday's sudden eruption
There have been no further eruptions on Mount Tongariro overnight but scientists say yesterday's may not be the last and they're monitoring the mountain closely. [more]

Radio New Zealand journalist reports from Tongariro
Andrew Macrae is at the Ketetahi Carpark on Tongariro's northern slope off SH46 near Lake Rotoaira. [more]

Staff 'not to blame for Novopay shambles' say schools
Schools are reacting angrily to comments by the Australian company behind Novopay, which broke a four month silence on pay problems yesterday, only to blame many of the failings on school staff. [more]

Bus attack in Tel Aviv injures twenty four Israelis
Israel and the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, have agreed to a ceasefire in Gaza. But the truce comes on the same day a bomb explosion in Tel Aviv injures 24-people in Israel's commercial capital. [more]

Radio NZ journalist banned from covering Hobbit premiere
Radio New Zealand reporter Cushla Norman has had her media accreditation revoked for coverage of The Hobbit movie premiere which the film's distributor says is due to her movie coverage to-date being "too negative". [more]

Civil Aviation update on eruption's ash cloud
Civil Aviation's chief meteorological officer Peter Lechner updates the programme on the effect the eruption and subsequent ash cloud are having on air travel. [more]

Transport Minister says PPP will speed up Gully road
The Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee says the Public Private Partnership will allow the government to expedite development of the capital's northern transport corridor but what are the implications for the taxpayer? [more]

Opinion divided on Transmission Gully's green light
Business leaders applaud transmission gully go ahead, but opposition groups say it will be an onerous burden to taxpayers in the long-term. [more]

Sports News for 22 November 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Ceasefire between Israel and Gaza about to start
Our correspondent in Gaza, Phoebe Greenwood, updates us on the Israel/Hamas negotiated ceasefire. [more]

Crown critical of 'extragavant' Dotcom lifestyle
A Crown lawyer has criticised the extravagant lifestyle Kim Dotcom and his wife, Mona Dotcom, are living. [more]

Critics disown Pasifika education plan even before launch
The Government's plan for boosting Pacific educational achievement over the next five years, due to be unveiled in Auckland today, is already being disowned by a Pacific education group invited by the minister to help write it. [more]

Guides and their clients watch eruption then exit quickly
Guides and their clients on Mount Tongariro got more than they bargained for when the volcano erupted just a kilometre in front of them yesterday afternoon. [more]

Tongariro tourism operators say eruption bad for business
Tourism operators who depend on Mount Tongariro for their business say the latest eruption couldn't have come at a worse time for business. [more]

GNS says Tongariro may erupt again soon
GNS Science Volcano Surveillance Co-ordinator, Brad Scott, confirms there's been little change to the mountain's status. [more]

Pike directors statement deemed 'disgraceful'
Pike River's former health and safety manager, who lost a son in the 2010 explosion, says he's stunned by a statement from three former company directors denying they put production ahead of safety. [more]

Journalist's media accreditation returned for Hobbit premiere
Radio New Zealand journalist Cushla Norman has had her media accreditation restored for The Hobbit premiere after intervention from Sir Peter Jackson. [more]

Schools say thousands of unsolved payroll errors
There is still no clarity about the number of payroll mistakes that have yet to be corrected and schools suspect there might be thousands of under payments, over payments and non payments still to be fixed. [more]

Sports News for 22 November 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Businesses line up to take advantage of Myanmar
New Zealand businesses are hoping to take advantage of the political and economic change taking place in Myanmar (Burma). [more]

More Palestinians killed as Israeli bombardment continues
The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Richard Falk, discusses the fragile ceasefire while Israeli bombing continues. [more]

'Goat' organisers say race will likely be moved
The Goat, a 21-km run from Whakapapa to Turoa Ski Fields across the western slopes of Mount Ruapehu, is due to take place on the first of December. [more]

Rutherford Medal awarded to woman for just second time
New Zealand's top scientific honour, the Rutherford Medal, has been awarded to Professor Margaret Brimble for her world-leading contributions to developing new drugs that treat disease. [more]


Peddling Pedal Power
Making modern cities cycle friendly, like by encouraging more cargo to be transported by cycles, with Gary Armstrong from Outspoken Cycle Couriers and Gavin Wood from the UK's National Cycling Charity. [more]

Science: World Weather
Erick Brenstrum from Metservice talks about Super Storm Sandy and other events. [more]

Conundrum clue seven. [more]

Conundrum clue eight. [more]

Nine To Noon

Who should pay for the leaky homes?
Paul Grimshaw's a lawyer who's represented hundreds of leaky home-owners and talks about liability, whether from the developer, local or central government, even the home-owner. [more]

Gaza ceasefire
Nicole Johnson is Al Jazeera's English language correspondent in Gaza and joins the programme an hour and a half into the ceasefire. [more]

The men in the lives of breast cancer sufferers
Peter Calder's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He's putting together a book that records the experiences of the men who suffer as well when the cancer strikes either a partner, mother, sister or daughter. [more]

UK Correspondent - Matthew Parris
The latest news and issues from the UK. [more]

Feature Guest - Angy Rivera
Angy Rivera is a 22-year-old undocumented Latina involved in a campaign for immigration rights for illegal migrant youth in the US. [more]

Book Review - New Finnish Grammar
One for the grammar pedant and Suomi linguist alike. Phil Smith reviews Diego Marani's look at New Finnish Grammar which is published by Text. [more]

New Technology with Sarah Putt
Novopay round-up; How to get away with stuff online and; Windows-8 phones on sale in New Zealand. [more]

Heritage with Kay Morris Matthews
Kay Morris Matthews is Research Professor at the Eastern Institute of Technology's Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Trades. She's written a new book on the history of children's homes and orphanages in Hawkes Bay. [more]

Media with Gavin Ellis
Gavin Ellis looks at the coverage of Labour's leadership and the use of surveys in the media. [more]

Our Changing World

Brain and Self-Control
University of Otago scientists study what happens in the brain when we exercise self-control [more]

Stroke Hand Rehabilitation Device
Abby Rajendran is working on a new device for stroke rehabilitation that uses magnetorheological fluid [more]

Early- and Mid-Career Researchers
Nearly 70 scientists were at the launch of a group which aims to support early- and mid- career researchers in Wellington [more]

New Zealand Rocketry Challenge
Year 7 and 8 students are building rockets that can take a raw egg up to 150 metres and then return it safely to Earth [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 22 November 2012
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 22 November 2012
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

Te Manu Korihi

Te Manu Korihi News for 22 November 2012
A Taranaki-Whanui supporter is accusing the Porirua-based iwi Ngati Toa of lying about its history to gain access to land along a prime fisheries coastline in Wellington harbour through its Treaty settlement; A Tongariro hapu says it's more focussed on the safety of manuhiri - or visitors - on the mountain than the tangata whenua who live nearby; Waikato-Tainui says it faces a huge challenge to help some of its members find work; A new award in honour of the noted Maori academic Sir Mason Durie was given to an Auckland researcher last night for his social science work. [more]

Porirua iwi accused of lying to gain rights to Wellington land
A member of Taranaki-Whanui is accusing a neighbouring Wellington iwi, Ngati Toa, of lying about its history to gain land rights along a prime fisheries coastline. [more]

Te Manu Korihi News for 22 November 2012
A Porirua-based iwi is being accused by a member of a neighbouring tribe of lying to the Crown to gain rights to Wellington land; A Tongariro hapu says they are more focussed on the safety of manuhiri - or visitors - on the mountain than the tangata whenua who live nearby; Waikato-Tainui says it faces a huge challenge to help some of its members find work; A new award in honour of the noted Maori academic, Sir Mason Durie, was given to an Auckland researcher last night for his social science work. [more]

Te Manu Korihi News for 22 November 2012
The Minister for Whanau Ora, Tariana Turia, is still refusing to answer questions about how well her social welfare policy is run; A delegation of Maori is on its way home from Canada, with a toi moko; A Maori neuro-psychologist at AUT University wants to educate her colleagues about cultural awareness when they deal with Maori patients. [more]

Te Manu Korihi News for 22 November 2012
The Minister for Whanau Ora, Tariana Turia, is still refusing to answer a question about how well her social welfare policy is run; A delegation of Maori is on its way home from Canada, with a toi moko; A Maori neuro-psychologist at AUT University says she wants to educate her colleagues about cultural awareness when they deal with Maori patients. [more]


Gretchen la Roche
Co-Organiser of the 24th Annual Gisborne Music Competition previews this year's event which starts this week. [more]

Deirdre Tarrant
NZ dance impressario looks issues surrounding the artform and current directions both locally and internationally. [more]

Nane Yoshimura and Tosiya Suzuki
Japanese koto and recorder players performing concerts in Wellington and Auckland this weekend. [more]

You Me... Now!

Episode 155: Let Me In?
Max is confronted by Gav when he arrives home drunk. Joel is getting closer to Lucille. [more]

News stories:

Rise in UK debt in October
UK public sector net borrowing for October for the month of October to £8.6 billion, compared with £5.9 billion in October 2011. [more]

American Samoa has new Governor and Lieutenant Governor
American Samoa has elected a new Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Lolo Matalasi Moliga and Lemanu Peleti Mauga have topped the polls winning yesterdays run-off election by more than 700 votes. [more]

Fiji police can't say if trade unionist has lodged complaint
The assistant commissioner of police in Fiji says all cases involving trade unionists who have complained of abuse at the hands of the military have been investigated but he can't... [more]

Springboks to put out unchanged line-up against England
The Springbok rugby coach Heyneke Meyer has named an unchanged starting line-up for their final Test of the season against England at Twickenham this weekend. JP Pietersen and Guthro Steenkamp... [more]

Shoulder charges dropped from ads
The Australian Rugby League Commission's shoulder charge ban has claimed its first victim - with the game's 2013 advertising campaign to be devoid of the often spectacular but now illegal... [more]

Etzebeth cleared of foul play
The Springbok lock Eben Etzebeth has been cleared of foul play following an incident in their match against Scotland at the weekend. Etzebeth was cited for allegedly making contact "with... [more]

Safety of manuhiri a priority for iwi
A Tongariro hapu says it is more focussed on the safety of manuhiri (visitors) on the mountain than the tangata whenua who live nearby. [more]

Tourist missing in bush
Five teams of volunteers were deployed overnight in an area of the Tararua Forest Park where a Chilean tourist is missing. [more]

Waikato-Tainui steps up to jobs challenge
Waikato-Tainui says it faces a huge challenge to help some of its members find work. [more]

New award honours Sir Mason Durie
A new award in honour of the noted Maori academic, Sir Mason Durie, was given to an Auckland researcher on Wednesday for his social science work. [more]

Iwi accused of lying to gain rights to Wellington land
A Porirua-based iwi is being accused by a member of a neighbouring tribe of lying to the Crown to gain rights to Wellington land. [more]

Timber plans being closed by Carter Holt
Carter Holt Harvey is closing two plants in South Australia. The company blames the high cost of logs for the closure. [more]

Queensland coal sector conditions worse this time
The Queensland Resources Council says conditions facing the coal sector are far worse than those experienced during the global financial crisis. [more]

Japanese exports down further
Japan's exports have fallen for a fifth consecutive month after demand in China and the European Union weakened. [more]

Quake rebuild to put pressure on export sector
Federated Farmers has been told that the Christchurch rebuild is likely to bring fresh challenges for the export sector, including agriculture. [more]

No reports of ash affecting stock
The Veterinary Association has had no reports of farm stock in the National Park area being affected by ash from Mount Tongariro. [more]

Shareholder fund applications close
Applications have closed for farmers and investors wanting to participate in Fonterra's new shareholders fund. The outcome will be announced on Friday. [more]

Comvita seeks to secure more manuka honey
The bee and natural products company Comvita says it's doing everything possible to secure an increased supply of manuka honey. [more]

Bankers respond to criticism over profits
The banking industry has responded to claims of excessive profits, with an analysis which shows its returns are about average when compared with firms listed on the Stock Exchange. [more]

Leaky homes liability rules could change
The Law Commission is reviewing legal liability rules that could overhaul who pays what over matters like leaky homes. [more]

Big brewers must diversify to thrive - DB head
DB managing director Brian Blake who is stepping down, says big brewers can only thrive by branching into new businesses like craft beers, cider and cafe-style pubs. [more]

Interim payment to be paid to Zintel shareholders
Shareholders in Zintel will receive an interim payment of 25 cents per share before Christmas, after the company confirmed it is appointing a liquidator and is delisting from the low cost alternative exchange, the NZAX. [more]

Closer ties to Japan seen via new trade agreement
The New Zealand International Business Forum says a new free trade agreement in Asia will give it closer ties to Japan. [more]

More eruptions predicted in morning papers
Mount Tongariro's eruption dominates the morning newspapers. Scientists predict more eruptions - not just at Tongariro, but at Mt Ruapehu as well. [more]

Dotcom lifestyle questioned
The Crown has questioned the need for Kim Dotcom and his wife Mona to have five nannies, two butlers, a personal assistant and a chef. [more]

Reporter now off Hobbit blacklist
Wingnut Films says it will return the accreditation of a Radio New Zealand journalist for the premiere of the Hobbit movie next week. [more]

American Samoa's governor-elect thanks supporters
American Samoa's governor elect Lolo Matalasi Moliga told supporters last night that their trust and confidence in he and running mate Lemanu Peleti Mauga will not be in vain. Lolo... [more]

PNG police, military and prisons get boost in budget
Police, the military and prisons service have all received substantial increases in the Papua New Guinea government's budget for 2013. The additional money for 400 recruits for both the defence... [more]

Ethnic clashes in PNG displaces upto 700 people
More than 700 people are living in a camp outside Lae in Papua New Guinea, after being displaced by ethnic clashes. A number of people died in ethnic clashes that... [more]

Ethnic clashes in PNG displaces up to 700 people
More than 700 people are living in a camp outside Lae in Papua New Guinea, after being displaced by ethnic clashes. A number of people died in ethnic clashes that... [more]

CNMI's economy begins to see positive developments
An economic analysis by First Hawaiian Bank says the Northern Marianas are beginning to see positive development after seemingly hitting rock bottom in the past couple of years. The territory's... [more]

Gully go-ahead applauded
Confirmation the Transmission Gully highway project north of Wellington will proceed is being applauded by business leaders. [more]

Offshore markets
Stocks on Wall rose in thin trading on Wednesday following a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, though the lack of a deal to release aid to Greece kept a lid on gains. [more]

Australian opposition critical of asylum seeker transfer to PNG
Australia's opposition leader Tony Abbott says the government's first transfer of asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea's Manus Island is not good enough. The government has transferred an initial 19... [more]

Airlines PNG boosts its services to meet festiva season demand
Airlines PNG has boosted its services with more daily flights to meet its customers' demand for the festive season. It's manager for sales and distribution, Paul Abbot, told the National... [more]

Samoa Air keen to operate flights within American Samoa
Samoa Air, based in Apia, has filed an emergency application with the U.S. Department of Transportation seeking a waiver from federal cabotage law to operate charter domestic flights within American... [more]

Solomons coffee farmers want govt help to market product
Coffee farmers in Solomon Islands are calling on the government to consider providing more avenues for coffee to be marketable and exported overseas. A vast majority of coffee is grown... [more]

Sport: 'Ikale Tahi eye upset against 'beatable' Scots
Tonga rugby coach Mana Otai says they've taken inspiration from Samoa's victory over Wales as they look to close out their European rugby tour in winning fashion. The 'Ikale Tahi... [more]

Chemist wins top science awards
Professor Margaret Brimble of Auckland University has been awarded New Zealand's top honours for science. [more]

Education plan called toothless and timid by co-author
An education group that helped to write a new Government plan for boosting Pacific educational achievement is now disowning it as too timid and toothless. [more]

Woman dead after seven-storey fall
An inner-city street in Auckland is closed after a woman fell to her death from a car parking building. [more]

New HIV medicines to be available
Pharmac is going to fund Atripla and Truvada, two new combination HIV medicines, in December. [more]

Teachers offered three year contracts
Primary and secondary school teachers say the Ministry of Education wants to settle their collective negotiations with settlements lasting three years. [more]

Gunners make next round in Europe
Arsenal are through to the last 16 of European football's elite Champions League with a game to spare, following a 2-0 home victory over French club Montpellier. Jack Wilshere's first... [more]

Green beats Cameron with broken ribs
The Australian boxer Danny Green won a unanimous points decision in Wednesday night's IBO world cruiserweight title fight against New Zealand's Shane Cameron, revealing after the bout in Melbourne that... [more]

Black Sticks assistant takes up role with Ireland
The Black Sticks men's hockey team's assistant coach, Darren Smith, has accepted a role as head coach for the Ireland women's team. Smith will start in his new role in... [more]

No.10 batsman scores century against Windies
Bangladesh cricket has uncovered a new batting hero. Their number 10 batsman Abul Hasan made an unbeaten century on his test debut to lead an astonishing comeback by the home... [more]

Dubai group buys Leeds United
Dubai-based GFH Capital has signed a deal to buy former English football champions Leeds United, the latest foreign group to invest in one of the clubs with hopes of promotion... [more]

Hosea Gear and Julian Savea up for try of the year award
Wingers dominate the four-man shortlist for the international rugby try of the year award - including two All Blacks in Hosea Gear and Julian Savea. Gear and Savea are joined... [more]

ARU says Cooper's contract was substantial
The Australian Rugby Union has slammed suggestions that Quade Cooper was offered an inferior "rookie contract" to drive him out of the game. David Nucifora, the national high performance unit... [more]

Former coach tells ARU to reconsider Cooper
A former World Cup-winning Australian rugby coach has warned the Australian Rugby Union not to throw disruptive playmaker Quade Cooper out the door just yet. Cooper will reportedly hold a... [more]

Former world number twos coming to Auckland tournament
Former world tennis number twos Vera Zvonareva and Svetlana Kuznetsova will both be in Auckland next month playing in the women's ASB Classic. The two Russians will join top seed... [more]

City out of Europe
Manchester City are out of European football's Champions League despite the English champions coming back to draw 1-1 at home to Spain's Real Madrid. Real went ahead after 10 minutes... [more]

IRB to appeal Thomson suspension
The International Rugby Board has confirmed that it will appeal the one-week suspension handed down to All Blacks flanker Adam Thomson. Thomson was given the ban for reckless use of... [more]

Another Japanese player joins Super Rugby
The Japanese hooker Shota Horie will join the Melbourne Rebels next season, making him the second player from his country to move to Super Rugby. Horie, who played for Japan... [more]

Korean F1 GP records another loss
The Korean Formula One Grand Prix racked up substantial operating losses last month, the third year running it has finished in the red, but organisers say the race will bring... [more]

UEFA postpones match in Israel
European football's governing body UEFA has postponed a match between Spain's Athletic Bilbao and Hapoel Kiryat Shmona in Israel due to the violence between Israelis and Palestinians. In the conflict... [more]

Rafael Benitez appointed interim Chelsea manager
Rafael Benitez has been appointed as the new interim manager of European football champions Chelsea until the end of the season, just 10 hours after the club announced the sacking... [more]

Pepsi pays $90 million for IPL naming rights
Indian cricket authorities have sold the naming rights for the IPL Twenty20 competition for the next five years for $90 million. Pepsi have paid almost double the amount that was... [more]

Gatland makes five changes for ABs match
Warren Gatland has made an immediate impact on his return as Wales rugby coach, making five changes for this weekend's match against the All Blacks in Cardiff. New Zealander Gatland... [more]

Beckham weighing up options
The French football club Paris Saint-Germain are among a host of leading clubs ready to offer David Beckham the final challenge of his illustrious career. The 37-year-old, who has announced... [more]

Nadal returns to training after long layoff
The former world tennis No.1 Rafael Nadal has returned to training at his Mallorca base after nearly five months on the sidelines with a knee injury. Nadal last played at... [more]

Clarke shuts door on potential return for Haddin
The Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke has effectively shut the door on Brad Haddin's international career with a glowing endorsement of his test replacement Matthew Wade. Selectors overlooked Haddin for... [more]

Chelsea manager sacked
Chelsea have sacked their manager Roberto Di Matteo following their 3-0 loss to Juventus which has left the European champions facing elimination at the group stage of the Champions League. [more]

Henry on his way back
The former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry could be on his way back to the London Premier League football club for another spell on loan from United States MLS club New... [more]

Bad night for British football clubs
Titleholders Chelsea are on the brink of an unprecedented group stage exit in the European Champions League after their 3-0 loss to Italian side Juventus in Turin. With Shakhtar Donetsk... [more]

NZ Rugby League appoint new CEO
The New Zealand Rugby League has appointed Phil Holden as its new chief executive. He replaces Jim Doyle, who announced in August that he was stepping down at the end... [more]

Senior players need to lead from the front
Batting against spin bowlers remains the major concern for the New Zealand cricket team after its fifth straight test defeat - but a former coach says it's the senior players... [more]

Air France's Tahiti restructure still in limbo
There are continued fears in French Polynesia that Air France could end its Paris to Tahiti service as discussions about pay cuts have been unsuccessful. A union delegation has visited... [more]

Migrant numbers up again
A rise in the number of people arriving to live in New Zealand long term has led to a second month of migration gains. [more]

Tourist numbers down
The number of tourists fell sharply last month compared with October last year, when the Rugby World Cup attracted many visitors to New Zealand. [more]

Law changes urged after reports of prostitutes in turf wars
New Zealand First is calling for changes to laws to control street prostitution after newspaper reports of turf wars in Auckland. [more]

Farmers and scientists working together seen as key
A Massey University project has found that getting farmers and scientists to work directly together is the key to improving the uptake of new technology and ideas on farms. [more]

Co-ordination again urged for food exports
A call has been renewed call for a new board to help co-ordinate efforts to boost agricultural food exports. [more]

Manager for Myanmar appointed by Fonterra
Fonterra has appointed a country manager for Myanmar to lead the expansion of its business in the fast-growing dairy market there. [more]

Loss reported by phosphate company
Chatham Rock Phosphate has recorded a loss of $870,000 in the six months to September, a threefold increase compared with the same period a year ago. [more]

New Caledonia's UMP pivotal in leadership tussle
A leading New Caledonian member of the French UMP Party, Gael Yanno, has welcomed the election of Jean-Francois Cope as party president as his rival, Francois Fillon, now claims to... [more]

PNG bans NSW poultry imports over flu fears
Papua New Guinea's National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority has suspended imports of uncooked poultry products from New South Wales in Australia because of an outbreak of an avian influenza. [more]

Hager rings the changes in women's Black Sticks
Sam Harrison's been left out of the new-look New Zealand women's hockey squad for 2013, which features eight new players. The Black Sticks coach Mark Hager says he feels Harrison... [more]

New North Shore mental health unit to be built
The Government has approved $25 million in funding to build a new mental health unit at North Shore hospital in Auckland, to replace the current unit which was built in the 1950s as a maternity hospital. [more]

Vine disease regions reclassified by agency
Kiwifruit Vine Health has re-classified six regions where the PSA vine disease is present. [more]

American Samoa's Togiola says Territory must embrace decision
American Samoa's governor addressed the Territory this morning following last night's election of Lolo Matalasi Moliga as the new governor for the next four years. Togiola Tulafono told local radio... [more]

$70,000 pay rise for head of EQC
Earthquake Commission chief executive Ian Simpson received a pay increase of $70,000 for the past year, raising his salary to about $400,000. [more]

NZ brain injury epidemic discovered
The incidence of traumatic brain injuries in New Zealand is at "epidemic proportions", according to a scientist who estimates more than 36,000 new traumatic brain injuries occur in New Zealand each year. [more]

Savings on track at Goodman Fielder
Bread company Goodman Fielder says it is on course to make $100 million in annualised savings by 2015. [more]

New Vanuatu MPs attend induction workshop
Vanuatu's newly elected MPs are attending an induction workshop that aims to prepare them for their roles as parliamentarians. One of the organisers is the Centre for Democratic Institutions. Its... [more]

Losing American Samoa candidates accept defeat
The defeated candidates for governor and lieutenant governor in American Samoa, Faoa Aitofele Sunia and Taufete'e John Faumuina, have told supporters they must put the elections behind them and look... [more]

Track record hailed as key to NZ success in winning Fiji roading contracts
New Zealand's track record in construction in Fiji is being hailed as the reason multi-million dollar roading contracts have been awarded to three New Zealand companies. The comment precedes the... [more]

Details of Tahiti's Pacific Documentary Film Festival released
The organisers of next year's Pacific Documentary Film Festival in French Polynesia have announced the 10-member jury for the event. It will be chaired by Greg Germain, who is a... [more]

Fiji's ACP re-admittance an historic occasion, says academic
An Auckland-based Fiji academic says Fiji's re-inclusion the the Pacific ACP counties is an historic occasion. The Pacific ACP countries have trade and development agreements with the European Union, and... [more]

Leasing issues seen as key in Vanuatu land reform
A specialist in land and governance issues in Vanuatu says restricting the leasing of land to customary determination could be one of the most effective pillars of land reform. Siobhan... [more]

Another suicide attempt reported in Australia's Nauru detention centre
The Australian group, the Refugee Action Coalition, says an Iranian asylum seeker attempted to kill himself in the detention centre on Nauru. The group says the man was taken from... [more]

PNG women MPs defer support for reserved seats
Papua New Guinea's three women MPs have ruled out supporting legislation for reserved seats for women. And a prominent supporter of the legislation says the debate over women's seats may... [more]

NCD spread in Samoa reaches crisis point
Samoa's Associate Minister of Health, Maualaivao Pat Ah Him, says the spread of non-communicable diseases has reached a crisis point and something needs to be done about it. Opening National... [more]

Fiji interim PM delivers budget
Fiji's interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, who also holds the finance portfolio, is delivering his budget in Suva. The Ministry of Information says the interim government has allocated about... [more]

Tame Iti appeal paperwork yet to arrive
The Supreme Court has not yet received any paperwork regarding an appeal by the Tuhoe activist Tame Iti, despite his indicating he will take such action. [more]

DoC convicted over volunteer's death
The Department of Conservation has been convicted over a death in January of a volunteer working on Raoul Island - but no fine has been imposed. [more]

Missing caver found
An 82-year-old man who failed to return from a caving expedition near Punakaiki on the West Coast has been found and taken to hospital. [more]

Reliance on Air Pacific hurting i-Kiribati travellers
Kiribati's Minister for Transport Taberannang Timeon says the monopoly that Fiji's Air Pacific has on key routes in the region has made some international flights unaffordable for i-Kiribati. In September... [more]

NZ market up
The NZX 50 is up 25 points to close at 3997 on turnover of $121 million on Thursday. [more]

Second month of migration gains in NZ
A rise in the number of people arriving to live in New Zealand long term, has led to a second month of migration gains. [more]

Landlord in deals to buy and sell
Property For Industry has entered into unconditional contracts to buy three properties and sell two of its own. [more]

Three new caps in All Blacks Sevens squad
The All Blacks Sevens coach Gordon Tietjens has named three new caps in his squad for the next two World Series tournaments in Dubai and South Africa. Auckland's Milford Keresoma... [more]

The Giz leaves V8 Supercars
The top New Zealand V8 Supercars driver Shane van Gisbergen is leaving the sport for personal reasons at the age of just 23. Van Gisbergen's current contract expires at the... [more]

Higher half year profit for medical equipment maker
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has posted an improved half year profit of $33.3 million due to higher revenues and improving margins. [more]

Specialist says Vanuatu land leases amount to alienation
A specialist in land and governance issues in Vanuatu says the land grab underway through lease arrangements in the country is of a similar scale to Papua New Guinea's but... [more]

Amnesty critical of children being sent to remote PNG asylum seeker camp
The human rights watchdog Amnesty International Australia says it is poor practice for the federal government to send children to its asylum seeker camp on Manus Island in Papua New... [more]

Fiji regime budget includes increased social welfare spending
The interim Fiji government has presented a deficit budget that includes a big lift in spending on roads, pensions for some and food vouchers for the poor. The prime minister... [more]

Turia blocks question on Whanau Ora
Minister for Whanau Ora, Tariana Turia, is still refusing to answer a question about how well her social welfare policy is run. [more]

Toi moko returning from Canada
A delegation of Maori is on its way home from Canada, with a toi moko. [more]

Maori psychologist aims to improve cultural awareness
A Maori neuro-psychologist at AUT University says she wants to educate her colleagues about cultural awareness when they deal with Maori patients. [more]

Riskiest stretch of highway is in Waikato
A notorious stretch of motorway in central Waikato has been highlighted as the country's riskiest highway. [more]

Government planning role too big say Auckland councillors
Some Auckland councillors say the Government is trying to take control of the city through the influence it wants over a major new plan. [more]

Scientists begin analysing volcanic ash
The Department of Conservation says Mount Tongariro will probably remain closed for the next two to three weeks. [more]

Victim of possible hit and run dies
A man injured in a possible hit and run on Wednesday has died in Christchurch Hospital. [more]

Coroner calls for alcohol labelling
A Coroner is calling for the mandatory labelling of alcohol containers warning of the dangers of excessive drinking. [more]