Radio New Zealand - Friday, 10th May 2013

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Best Song Ever Written - My Life
Cheryl Sucher from Havelock North has chosen My Life by Iris DeMent. [more]

Horse trek
Pete Langford is on an epic 2500 kilometre ride from Bluff to Cape Reigna on horseback. He's raising money for emergency air services trusts. We're checking in with him while he and his trusty steeds are in the Hastings area. [more]

NZ Society - Synesthesia (Part 1)
Amelia Nurse finds out about Synesthesia from someone who experiences blended sensory perceptions. [more]

Fresh Fast Food with Alison Holst
Alison Holst makes a cost-effective winter warmer: old-fashioned meatloaf. [more]

Weekend Wine with Belinda Jackson
Belinda Jackson has wine suggestions that'll make mum happy this Sunday. [more]

Film Review with Sarah McMullan
Sarah McMullan reviews Star Trek: Into Darkness; Spring Breakers; Rebelle (War Witch); and Jurassic Park 3D. [more]

Upper Hutt Bird Club show
Birds of a feather will be flocking together this weekend in Upper Hutt. The Upper Hutt Bird Club is hosting their annual show, with more than 500 birds on display Saturday and Sunday. For club members, it's a chance to compete for awards and buy and sell birds. And for anyone considering a bird as a pet, it's a good chance to learn about the different breeds and their suitability. [more]

The Panel Pre-Show for 10 May 2013
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with Dita de Boni and Stephen Franks (Part 1)
Topic 1 - House prices. Topic 2 - Rate hikes. Topic 3 - Mighty River. [more]

The Panel with Dita de Boni and Stephen Franks (Part 2)
Topic 4 - Wellington revival. Topic 5 - Car market. Topic 6 - Rewards scheme. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 10 May 2013
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update for 10 May 2013
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 10 May 2013
Tower sells its life insurance business for 189 million dollars, colder weather prompts higher spending on winter clothing and the sharemarket edges down [more]

Evening Business for 10 May 2013
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business for 10 May 2013
The insurance company, Tower Limited, is selling most of its life insurance business. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Friday 10 May 2013
Govt warns of economic pain if Auckland house doubling fails, Threatening emails from Aaron Gilmore are released and A tragic reminder to front line social workers. [more]

Govt warns of economic pain if Auckland house doubling fails
The Government's unveiled a plan to rapidly double the number of homes being built in Auckland. [more]

Threatening emails from Aaron Gilmore are released
Papers released today by the ministry that employed the beleaguered National MP Aaron Gilmore show he appeared to use his position to threaten an official he had a dispute with. [more]

A tragic reminder to front line social workers
A coroner says the case of a 12-year-old girl who committed suicide while in Child Youth and Family care is a tragic reminder to frontline social workers. [more]

Housing Minister on Auckland Housing Accord
More now on the Government's plan to rapidly double the number of homes being built in Auckland and the warning that if it fails, the economic pain could be felt across the country. [more]

Sports News for 10 May 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Mighty River begins trading at $2.73
After years of political wrangling, protests and petitions, Mighty River Power today finally opened for business on the New Zealand stock exchange. [more]

Mighty River share price rises on first day
To find out more what's happened to the shares today, we're joined by share broker Grant Williamson, a director at Christchurch firm Hamilton Hinden Green. [more]

Electoral Commission not taking action against Labour
The Labour Party says it made an honest mistake in not immediately declaring a 430-thousand-dollar donation it received from an estate last year. [more]

Govt warns of economic cost if Auckland housing policy fails
The Government is warning of serious economic consequences if it's plan to double the rate of home construction in Auckland, fails. [more]

Military must change to stop sex predators - film-maker
A US film maker who exposed sex abuse in the military says as long as serial predators inside the ranks go unchecked, the epidemic of sex crimes will continue. [more]

Sports News for 10 May 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Focus on Politics for 10 May 2013
This week the Government sold its 49 percent stake in Mighty River Power, raising one-point-seven billion dollars. It also introduced under urgency legislation which will make it easier for the country's electronic spy agency to monitor the communications of New Zealanders. And the Finance Minister, Bill English, suggested the Government would not support Solid Energy or other State-owned Enterprise if they weren't viable businesses. But all that was overshadowed by the controversy surrounding backbench MP Aaron Gilmore. Our political editor Brent Edwards looks at how Mr Gilmore made himself a household name. [more]

Country Life

Intro and Guest
Dairy farmer Paul Bourke has just returned from helping install a water system for a remote rural village in Nepal. [more]

Regional Wrap
Rain and warm temperatures have fueled grass growth across much of the North Isalnd while in the South Island a few more frosts are starting to nip back pasture growth. [more]

Rural Population Trends and Impacts
Professor Natalie Jackson, director of the National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis, Waikato University says central Government seems to focus on population trends in places like Auckland, which means it doesn't have a good handle of dealing with population decline in many rural regions. [more]

Milmore Downs
Ian Henderson was one of the Biodynamic pioneers in New Zealand agriculture. His farm in Scargill, North Canterbury is Demeter and BioGro certified and produces and sells beef, mutton, whole grains, flour and flakes. It was first certified organic in 1983 and is now managed by Ian's son Matthew. [more]

Curtain Raiser

Curtain Raiser: Prokofiev - Symphony No 5
Prokofiev conducted the premiere of his Fifth Symphony in 1944 and within months it was also being performed in America and the composer was on the cover of TIME magazine. Introduced by Matthew Crawford. [more]

Dateline Pacific

Dateline Pacific Morning Edition for 10 May 2013
Papua shootings prompt calls to sever military ties to Indonesia; we look at the convictions of a former Solomon Islands MP for misuse of funds; the Cook Islands plays host to filmmakers; a spate of arrests spark concerns about press freedom; a World Vision scheme in PNG targets street kids in Port Moresby; and Solomon Islanders welcome a Pacific tsunami warning system. [more]

Papua shootings prompt calls to sever military ties
There are calls for the United States and Pacific countries to cut military ties with Indonesia after police fired on peaceful demonstrations in Papua and West Papua [more]

Solomon Islands lawyer outlines former MP's convictions
Laywer in Solomon Islands explains the ruling in the Japhet Waipora case, outlining his convictions and future sentencing date. [more]

Cook Islands plays host to filmmakers
Filmmakers head to the Cook Islands for the Film Raro challenge. [more]

Spate of arrests spark concerns about press freedom
A spate of legal action against journalists has raised questions about the freedom of the press in the Pacific. [more]

World Vision scheme in PNG targets street kids welfare
World Vision in Papua New Guinea launches scheme to tackle issue of young children living on the streets of Port Moresby [more]

Solomons welcomes Pacific tsunami warning system drill
Disaster management officials in Solomon Islands are welcoming the opportunity to test new tsunami warning products as part of a region-wide drill called PacWave 13. [more]

Dateline Pacific Evening Edition for 10 May 2013
Freedom of religion another threat to West papuans, Papua shootings prompt calls for Pacific and US to cut military ties, CNMI prosecutor wants an arrest warrant for former governor Fitial, ADB gives 100,000 US dollars to Cooks for appliance replacement, Solomon Islands lawyer outlines former Member of Parliament's convictions, Cook Islands plays host to filmmakers. [more]

Extra Time

Extra Time for 10 May 2013
In Extra Time this week the 27-year reign of Sir Alex Fergusson at Manchester United football club comes to an end, while the short and long term futures of All Whites Marco Rojas and Jeremy Brockie are revealed. New Zealand's equestrian stocks continue to rise with Jock Paget winning the prestigious Badminton 3-day event. The former Australia netball captain Liz Ellis tells us why she thinks only one New Zealand team will make the trans-Tasman competition playoffs. Kayak Olympic gold medallist Lisa Carrington returns to the water for her first major race since the London Games and we hear how New Zealand Golf and the PGA of New Zealand are about to tee up a merger. [more]

Late Edition

Late Edition for 10 May 2013
What the government plans to do about Auckland's housing supply; the man who played Baldrick on Rowan Atkinson's Blackadder; and in Dateline Pacific, making movies in the Cook Islands. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 10 May 2013
A coroner finds Child Youth and Family provided inadequate care to a 12-year-old and Mighty River Power will shortly make its debut on the stock exchange. [more]

Midday Sports News for 10 May 2013
The Highlanders are upbeat after their first Super Rugby win. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Friday 10 May 2013
The Cunning plan to fix Auckland's housing shortage. He escaped from Rangipo Prison in 2001, now he's accused of a grisly murder in England and " Hell no I won't go" Aaron Gilmore digs in at Parliament. [more]

Taskforce for Jobs celebrates youth employment rise
The Mayors' Taskforce for Jobs says falling youth unemployment is reason to celebrate. [more]

Pacific News for 10 May 2013
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

PM says not much he can do about Gilmore
The Prime Minister, John Key, says he is powerless to force his errant back bench MP, Aaron Gilmore, out of Parliament. [more]

Government moves to deal with Auckland's housing shortage
The Government will today announce how it plans to tackle Auckland's housing shortage. [more]

Len Brown: 'Auckland rates rise can not be sugarcoated'
An Auckland councillor, who voted against a rates increase this year, says after three years the benefits of the super-city are yet to be realised. [more]

Ariel Castro charged with kidnapping and rape
The man suspected of imprisoning three women for a decade in Cleveland, Ohio, has made his first court appearance. [more]

PM says not much he can do about Gilmore
National MP Aaron Gilmore is digging in his heels. [more]

Brendan Horan says Aaron Gilmore has a hard road ahead
Independent MP Brendan Horan, himself estranged from his former party NZ First, says Mr Gilmore has a lot of hard work ahead of him if he is to be rehabilitated in the eyes of the party leadership. [more]

Man who escaped Rangipo prison arrested for murder in Britain
A man who escaped from a New Zealand prison in 2001 has been arrested in England for murder. [more]

Mighty River Power trading gets underway today
Analysts are expecting the Mighty River Power share price to rise when trading starts this afternoon. [more]

Sports News for 10 May 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Statistics NZ figures show large dent in youth unemployment
The latest unemployment figures reveal a large dent in youth joblessness, giving young job seekers a reason to finally feel more optimisic. [more]

Cosgrove accuses Govt of trying to undermine Solid Energy
The Labour party's state-owned enterprises spokesman, Clayton Cosgrove, has accused the Government of trying to undermine efforts to save the financially troubled Solid Energy. [more]

Families of WW2 soldiers who hid on Crete remember escape
The families of New Zealand soldiers who hid on the Nazi-occupied Island of Crete for two years during the Second World War have returned to meet the local people who helped their fathers and grandfathers seventy years ago. [more]

Gilmore has had his fame and should step down.- Boag
Prime Minister John Key says any bid to expel estranged backbencher Aaron Gilmore from the National Party and its caucus could take "months if not years". [more]

MRP shares prepare to make their debut
The nation's benchmark NZX 50 stock index is near a record high ahead of today's debut of Mighty River Power shares. [more]

Decision reserved at Waihopai activists appeal
The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision in a case about whether three activists who attacked a dome at the Waihopai Spy Base should have to pay damages, and it might be months before the trio learn their fate. [more]

Budget will boost trades training for Maori, Pacific youth
Unemployment for people aged between 20 and 24 has fallen but Maori and Pacific young people are still more likely to be jobless than the general population. [more]

Government promises more money to tackle rising diabetes
The Government says there will be more money in the Budget next week to tackle the rising number of people with diabetes. [more]

Sports News for 10 May 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Council defends time taken to put out fire
The Canterbury Regional Council is defending the length of time it's taking to put out a fire at a recycling dump that has been burning out of control near Christchurch for six weeks. [more]

Plea for more money to save Kauri trees
There are fears native Kauri forests could be wiped out if the government doesn't renew funding for research into how to stop the spread of a tree killing disease. [more]

Gondola and adventure park planned for Nelson
Nelson is making a serious push to market itself as the adventure capital of New Zealand. [more]

Warriors clash in Wellington with Bulldogs
In the continuing battle to revive the dying city of Wellington, Westpac Stadium will tomorrow host an NRL match between the Warriors and Sydney's Canterbury Bulldogs. [more]

Kerry-Anne Walsh with news from Australia
Let's have a chat to our Canberra correspondent Kerry-Anne Walsh. [more]


On The Spot: Annabel Norman
Impromptu thoughts, perspectives and opinions on either the little or big things of life. Tonight's guest is Annabel Norman on the subject of communal living. [more]

Bryan runs through all the clues for this week's conundrum, and spills the beans on the answer and this week's winners. [more]

Nine To Noon

Government to unveil Auckland housing plan today
Special residential brownfield developer Mark Todd; Darryl Evans, chief executive of the Mangere Budgeting Services Trust; and David Wilson, director of Institute of Public Policy, AUT, who says the council needs greater power to make decisions. [more]

Should heli-hunting be banned?
Snow Hewetson, NZ Deerstalkers Association and operator of Huntahr, a free range, fair chase guided hunting operation based in Marlborough. He takes clients on-foot into the high country; and Don Patterson, outfitter and professional hunter who runs a business at the headwaters of the Rakaia River in the Southern Alps. [more]

Pacific Correspondent - Michael Field
The release of the Solomon Islands' Truth and Reconciliation Commission report; and political veteran Gaston Flosse back in power in French Polynesia. [more]

Feature Guest - Tony Robinson
The amateur historian, TV presenter and political activist is well known for playing Baldrick in the BBC TV series Blackadder and for hosting the British programmes Time Team and The Worst Jobs in History. He is also a member of the Labour Party, serving on its National Executive Committee, and has written sixteen children's books. [more]

Book Review - Blood and Beauty
Anne Else reviews 'Blood and Beauty' by Sarah Dunant, published by Hachette NZ. [more]

New Music with Sean McKenna
Vampire Weekend, Savages, and Public Service Broadcasting. [more]

Sport with Joseph Romanos
Artemis Racing sailor Andrew Simpson dies in training accident; shocked jock snatches dramatic Badminton win; The Warriors hit the capital for the first time in more than nine years. [more]

The Week That Was
With James Elliott and Elisabeth Easther. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 10 May 2013
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 10 May 2013
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

Sir Edmund Hillary: A Tribute

Hillary Everest diary entry for 10 May
A smashing morning. [more]

Te Manu Korihi

Te Manu Korihi News for 10 May 2013
The Government says employers will be heavily involved in a plan to expand Maori and Pasifika trades training; Two South Island Maori Trustboards have requested that charges be dropped against a carver accused of stealing snowflake pounamu; A Ngati Pukenga academic working at the University of Alberta says a highlight of his time in Canada has been helping First Nations peoples stand up for their indigenous rights. [more]

Te Manu Korihi News for 10 May 2013
The Government says employers will be heavily involved in a plan to expand Maori and Pasifika trades training; Two South Island Maori Trustboards have requested that charges be dropped against a carver accused of stealing snowflake pounamu; A Ngati Pukenga academic working at the University of Alberta says a highlight of his time in Canada has been helping First Nations peoples stand up for their indigenous rights. [more]

Te Manu Korihi News for 10 May 2013
The Mana Party aims to win the Ikaroa-Rawhiti electorate after announcing it will stand a candidate for the upcoming by-election; A Massey University lecturer in Maori studies says a criminologist's view that the large population of Maori in Hamilton is to blame for the city's second highest number of first warnings in the country under the three strike law system, is shallow; The chair of the only Maori employment training provider in Wellington says more Maori providers must open to get results from a Trades Training Scheme for young Maori and Pacifica; Meanwhile, the Maori Affairs Minister has announced another Budget initiative, aimed at getting more Maori in to employment. [more]

Te Manu Korihi News for 10 May 2013
The Mana Party aims to win the Ikaroa-Rawhiti electorate after announcing it will stand a candidate for the upcoming by-election; A Massey University lecturer in Maori studies says a criminologist's view that the large population of Maori in Hamilton is to blame for the city's second highest number of first warnings in the country under the three strike law system, is shallow; The chair of the only Maori employment training provider in Wellington says more Maori providers must open to get results from a Trades Training Scheme for young Maori and Pacifica; Meanwhile, the Maori Affairs Minister has announced another Budget initiative, aimed at getting more Maori in to employment. [more]

The Week In Review

The Week in Review - week ending 10 May 2013
A selection of the week's news including: the week from hell for "do you know who I am" Aaron Gilmore, more people in work, Government blames Greens and Labour for lack of interest in Mighty River Power share sale, Timaru mayor pleads with MPs to ban party pills and legal highs, Government sticks with plagued Novopay school payment system, 24/7 gold mining operation planned for underneath Waihi homes, Kaipara rates rebellion leaders say council is using dirty tactics, the problem of criminals cutting off their electronic anklets, Paget takes Badminton, duck shooting season underway. [more]


Anne O'Brien
Auckland Writers and Readers Festival Director of the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival previews event. [more]

Hamish McKeich: Conductor
Wellington Youth Orchestra Music Director previews the ensemble's first concert for the year. [more]

Michael Gudgeon and Sarah Gatzonis
NZSD Choreographic Season Third year students at the NZ School of Dance on the Choreographic Season beginning next week. [more]

World & Pacific News

10am World and Pacific News (17 May 2013)
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

News stories:

Australia's PM says trip to PNG does not include visit to Manus centre
Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she has no intention of visiting the Australian run detention centre on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island as part of her first official visit... [more]

Nauru's President considering state of emergency to end impasse
As a poltical stalemate continues on Nauru there are reports from the island that the President is considering declaring a state of emergency. As has happened for weeks, two sessions... [more]

Stun gun importer fined
A man who brought an illegal stun gun into Auckland, which almost stunned a Customs officer during an airport search, has been convicted and fined $400. [more]

Moyes takes over at Old Trafford
David Moyes will succeed Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager on a six-year deal starting on July 1st. Moyes, who leaves Everton after 11 years in charge at Goodison... [more]

Pamela Bryant trying to sell son's gear
The Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant has taken his mother to court to stop her selling mementos from his high school days and early professional career. Bryant is... [more]

Rio shareholders want bigger dividend
Rio Tinto shareholders want high dividend payments. But the mining company refuses to do so. [more]

China stops testing for DCD residues
New Zealand's biggest dairy market, China, has stopped testing for the chemical DCD in milk powder. [more]

Massey University agricultural programme ranked 21st
Massey University is celebrating having its agricultural programme ranked among the top universities in the world.It is 21st in the 2013 QS University World Rankings. [more]

Wool prices pick up
Prices for most wool types picked up at this week's South Island sale. More than 80% of the 8300 bales were sold. [more]

Mason joins Zespri board
Fonterra's retiring chief financial officer, Jonathon Mason is joining Zespri's board, as an independent director. [more]

Iwi wants charges against carver dropped
Two South Island Maori Trustboards have requested that charges be dropped against a carver accused of stealing snowflake pounamu. [more]

Maori academic involved in First Nations protest movement
A Ngati Pukenga academic working at the University of Alberta says a highlight of his time in Canada has been helping First Nations people stand up for their indigenous rights. [more]

Guilty plea in animal neglect case
Milk Pride, the largest sharemilking company in New Zealand, has made an about-face and pleaded guilty to a representative charge of animal neglect, cutting short a defended hearing in Rotorua District Court. [more]

PNG soldiers to restore order on Highlands Highway
The Papua New Guinea government is sending in soldiers to restore order on the Highlands Highway. The prime minister, Peter O'Neill, says the National Executive Council approved the callout and... [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Friday's headlines: Govt facing a shortfall of $1 billion from buying residential red-zone land in Christchurch; average house price in Auckland tipped to reach $1 million within three to four years; rapists of teenager sentenced to prison. [more]

Roads in Greenlane open again
Roads in Greenlane in Auckland are open again after an operation involving the armed offenders squad and a drugs team on Friday morning. [more]

NZ dollar rebounds
The New Zealand dollar on Thursday recovered all the ground it lost on Wednesday and more after the unemployment rate fell by more than expected. [more]

AMP CEO says personal insurance market tough
AMP chief executive Craig Dunn says the personal insurance market is tough in both Australia and New Zealand. [more]

BNZ not part of risky mortgage lending problem
The Bank of New Zealand says it is not part of the problem of risky mortgage lending which is currently preoccupying the Reserve Bank. [more]

CNMI eyes tourism office in Russia
The Northern Marianas government is considering creating a tourism office in Russia due to overwhelming growth in the number of visitors from there. The Managing Director of the Marianas Visitors... [more]

Chorus extends banking facility
Chorus has extended its $1.3 billion banking facility by 12 months. [more]

Samoa police have suspect in connection with vandalism of phone cables
Samoa police have a suspect in the vandalism of phone cables belonging to BlueSky Samoa. The company's chief operating officer Toleafoa Douglas Creevey told Talamua online the suspect is assisting... [more]

Tree disease getting close to Tane Mahuta
The kauri dieback disease has infected kauri close to Tane Mahuta, in the Waipoua Forest. [more]

Gondola and adventure park proposed
A gondola and adventure park to rival those in Queenstown and Rotorua, is proposed for Nelson by the Nelson Cycle Lift Society. [more]

Australian unemployment rate down
The unemployment rate in Australia fell from 5.6% to 5.5% in April, when 50,100 jobs were added. [more]

Q3 profit tripled by News Corp
News Corporation has more than tripled its third-quarter profit to $US2.85 billion, despite around $US42 million in phone hacking costs. Revenue increased to more than $US9.5 billion. [more]

Legal action over TV rights for cricket
Cricket Australia has reportedly launched legal action against the Nine Network, over its failure to broadcast domestic cricket on television. [more]

Mana to field candidate in by-election
Mana has confirmed it will stand a candidate in the Ikaroa Rawhiti by-election, made vacant by the death of Labour MP Parekura Horomia. [more]

IMF loan to Jamaica
The International Monetary Fund has granted Jamaica a loan of $US950 million. In return, the island - which is one of the most indebted countries in the world - needs to get a grip on its rampant public spending. [more]

MSG forecasts significant growth in intra-MSG trade for 2013-2014
The Melanesian Spearhead Group says it's forecasting significant growth in intra-MSG trade for 2013 and 2014 based on statistics and positive developments. The Permanent secretary for Industry and Trade in... [more]

British sailor killed on San Francisco Bay
British Olympian Andrew Simpson has been killed as the America's Cup catamaran for Sweden's Artemis Racing capsized during training on San Francisco Bay. Simpson, a British double Olympic gold... [more]

American Samoa supportative of Hunkin's banking bill
The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce says its supportive of Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin's introduction of a banking bill to amend the federal Expedited Funds Availability Act to include American... [more]

Sport: Fiji Rugby League keen to be involved in future Pacific Tests
The Fiji rugby league coach Rick Stone says they would love to be involved in any future Pacific Test matches, following the success of last month's Tonga Samoa clash. The... [more]

Sport: Tonga 7s team keen to put rocky build-up behind them
Tonga sevens coach Tevita Tuifua admits their build-up to this weekend's London qualifier has been less than ideal, but says there's no point dwelling on what they can't change. Head... [more]

Children in West Papua removed for 're-education' seen on streets of Jakarta
A human rights researcher says the alleged removal of West Papuan children for 're-education' in Jakarta is part of an unofficial but very organised plan. Andreas Harsono says the plan... [more]

Leicester City beat Watford in first leg playoff match
All White striker Chris Wood's Leicester City has beaten Watford 1-0 in their English Championship playoff semi-final first leg. Crystal Palace host Brighton and Hove Albion in their first leg... [more]

Beale suspended by Melbourne Rebels again
The troubled Wallabies rugby player Kurtley Beale's hopes of winning selection to play against the British and Irish Lions are in tatters after being suspended yet again. Beale's future at... [more]

Federer joins Djokovic as early loser in Madrid
The defending champion Roger Federer has become the second major casualty at the Madrid Open. In his first tennis tournament since March, the Swiss second seed has been upset in... [more]

Former Black Caps skipper wants his old job back
The sacked New Zealand cricket captain Ross Taylor wants his old job back but he's told the Daily Mirror newspaper he's over his sacking. Taylor was sacked by Black Caps... [more]

Rooney not for sale say Man U
In the wake of Sir Alex Ferguson's resignation as Manchester United manager, the club has reacted to rumours about Wayne Rooney's future at the club by insisting that the England... [more]

ARU boss calls for Wallaby pay cuts
The head of the Australian Rugby Union has warned the top players they will have to accept smaller contracts to play for the Wallabies because of the game's worrying financial... [more]

Singh sues PGA Tour
The former world golf number one Vijay Singh has taken legal action against the PGA Tour a week after tour officials dropped a doping case against him. Singh was initially... [more]

End of an era as Man Utd boss Ferguson to retire
Sir Alex Ferguson, Britain's longest-serving and most successful football manager, will retire at the end of the season after more than 26 years spent decorating Manchester United's trophy room with... [more]

CNMI utility opposes rate relief for public schools
The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation in the Northern Marianas is against a bill that aims to provide rate relief to public schools. It says that the CUC will incur huge losses... [more]

Dugan joins Dragons
St George Illawarra have signed troubled fullback Josh Dugan for the remainder of the 2013 season after the former Canberra player was granted a conditional registration by the National Rugby... [more]

Tower selling life insurance business
Tower Ltd is selling most of its life insurance business to Fidelity Life in a transaction releasing about $187 million in capital back to Tower. [more]

More money for Maori cadetship programme
A scheme to get more Maori into jobs is being extended in the Budget, with an extra $1 million per year, for the next four years. [more]

Three incidents under investigation
Three assaults in the Tauranga area overnight are under investigation by police. [more]

Guilty plea by Dominion Finance ex-director
Former Dominion Finance director and owner Ann Butler has pleaded guilty to seven charges of misleading investors. She is the 27th director to be convicted in proceedings taken by the FMA. [more]

Warehouse Q3 revenue up
The Warehouse Group has reported a rise in revenue for quarterly trading due to stronger sales and improved margins in apparel. [more]

Anti-bailout measures announced
The government of Slovenia has announced a package of measures it hopes will help avert a bailout from the European Union. [more]

Increase in rural suicides expected
Depression and suicide are now the major health problems in the rural sector. Federated Farmers expects the rate of suicides will increase. [more]

Rebound in retail spending due to colder weather
A return to colder weather has prompted a rebound in retail spending using electronic cards, with consumers spending more on clothing and durable goods. [more]

Marshall Islands calls for more focus in Pacific Plan
The secretary of foreign affairs in the Marshall Islands, Kino Kabua, says the Pacific Plan needs a more specific focus on issues such as education, health and climate change, which... [more]

Call for voters to have a say as Nauru political impasse continues
A 66 year old retired woman on Nauru says the solution to the country's latest political crisis is simple - hold elections. Briar-Rose Alona was speaking after yet another day... [more]

Watchdog wants investigation over Vanuatu terrorism charges
The regional media watchdog group, the Pacific Freedom Forum, says charges of terrorism brought against a journalist in Vanuatu and later dropped, need to be investigated. The charges followed a... [more]

Australia promises to ease access for Papua New Guineans
The Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive David Conn says Australia's Prime Minister has given an assurance that her country will make it easier for Papua New... [more]

Amnesty International speaks out after Papuans killed
Amnesty International says the people of Papua in Indonesia must be allowed to express their views without harassment, threats or the fear of criminalisation. The comments come after 3 deaths... [more]

Longer summer, early Easter boosts visitor stays
The number of visitors staying in New Zealand hotels, motels and backpackers surged in March, due to a lingering summer and early Easter holidays. [more]

Funding boost for diabetes in Budget
Health Minister Minister Tony Ryall says the Budget will include a significant boost in services to address growing rates of diabetes. [more]

NZ prison escaper arrested for murder in England
A man who escaped from Rangipo Prison in New Zealand in 2001 has been arrested in England for murder. He was never recaptured. [more]

Govt accused of financial sabotage
Labour has accused the Government of financial sabotage and economic vandalism with comments about Solid Energy. [more]

Cathedral statements by trust challenged
The Anglican Church is challenging statements made by the Great Christchurch Buildings Trust, over cost estimates for restoration work to the cathedral in Christchurch. [more]

PM says tourism industry not complacent over safety
The Prime Minister says he does not accept criticisms made by the father of a British tourist killed in an air crash at Fox Glacier on the West Coast in 2010. [more]

Rainbow Warrior in Papua to highlight bio-diversity
The Rainbow Warrior, the campaigning vessel for the environmental NGO, Greenpeace, is in Papua in Indonesia, to highlight the country's biodiversity. The Jakarta Post reports that the iconic vessel got... [more]

Easier entry to Australia for Papua New Guineans on the cards
Australia's Prime Minister says it will soon be easier for Papua New Guineans to apply for visas to come to her country, but has stopped short of promising swift access. [more]

Australia and PNG talking about extending police links
The Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard, says more Australian police personnel could be sent to Papua New Guinea. Ms Gillard, who is on a 2 day visit to PNG, says... [more]

Road maintenance prime aim of PNG soldiers sent to Highlands
Papua New Guinea's Defence Minister says recent deployments to parts of the Highlands Highway have been more about maintaining the road than addressing security issues. Local media has reported that... [more]

Dunne orders testing on new K2 products
Testing is underway on samples of synthetic cannabis products which went on the market on Friday to replace the legal high known as K2. [more]

Halt to deportation sought
Immigration New Zealand says it will happily fight any injunction to stop it deporting four Tongan men at the centre of claims they have been denied access to lawyers and interpreters. [more]

Commission not taking action against Labour
The Electoral Commission says it will not be taking any action against the Labour Party for failing to immediately disclose a donation worth more than $430,000. [more]

Ad agency says old brand positive for capital
The creator of 'Absolutely Positively Wellington' is defending a revamp of the brand. [more]

Refugee centre to be expanded
The Government is to spend $5.5 million rebuilding New Zealand's only refugee centre, partly so it could cope with a mass arrival of asylum-seekers. [more]

Willis wins USA mile champs
New Zealand runner Nick Willis has won the USA Road Mile championships in Minneapolis in another sub-four minute effort. The Olympic medallist won the race in a time of 3... [more]

More fears for safety after big cat capsize
There are renewed concerns about the safety of the multi-hulled America's Cup yachts following the death of British double Olympic gold medallist Andrew Simpson in a training accident. Simpson was... [more]

Air NZ accused of backtracking on settlement
Air New Zealand is trying to backtrack on a financial settlement it made with the Commerce Commission after admitting it fixed cargo prices, a court has been told. [more]

SFO spent $1.1m investigating Hanover Finance
The Serious Fraud Office spent more than $1 million investigating Hanover Finance. [more]

Accused admitted drowning ex-girlfriend, trial told
Two Department of Corrections officers say a man on remand at a Christchurch prison told them he murdered his former girlfriend by drowning her. [more]

Gilmore emails appear to threaten Treasury official
Papers released from beleagured National MP Aaron Gilmore's former employer show he appeared to use his position as a threat to an official he was in dispute with. [more]

Second in line to Tongan throne born in Auckland
The son of Tonga's Crown Prince Tupouto'a and Princess Sinaitakala and the second in line to the Tongan throne has been born in Auckland. Matangi Tonga Online reports that the... [more]

PNG defence minister says soldiers increasingly involved in road building
Papua New Guinea's Defence Minister says the Defence Force is increasingly involved in road construction work on the Highlands Highway. The National Executive Council recently issued a Defence Force callout... [more]

Acting Solomons police commissioner denies split in force
The acting commissioner of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Juanita Matanga denies that the force is split over the departure of the former commissioner Englishman John Lansley. Mr Lansley's... [more]

Vanuatu cabinet minister, Willie Jimmy, dumped
Vanuatu's Prime Minister Moana Carcasses has sacked the Finance Minister Willie Jimmy amid reports the veteran politician was in talks with the opposition about a possible defection. Mr Jimmy, who... [more]

Noted Fiji academic stopped from speaking to USP students
A former University of the South Pacific professor says he was stopped from addressing journalism students on World Press Freedom day last week. A former economics professor, Wadan Narsey says... [more]

CYF admits it failed to provide proper care for girl
A coroner says the case of a 12-year-old who committed suicide while in the care of Child, Youth and Family is a tragic reminder to frontline social workers. [more]

TrustPower profit falls
TrustPower's annual net profit fell 6% but still came in slightly above analysts' expectations. [more]

Auckland accord wants to double home construction
The Government has launched a plan to nearly double the number of homes being built in Auckland, warning of economic consequences for the country if it fails. [more]

Ferries cancelled, Kaitaki damaged at Picton wharf
Kiwirail says it may cancel further ferry sailings on Saturday if the weather deteriorates further. [more]

Academic rebuts criminologist's view on Maori crime
An academic in Maori studies says a criminologist's view that the large Maori population in Hamilton is to blame for the city's high number of first warnings under the three strike law, is shallow. [more]

More Maori PTE's needed to boost Maori in trades
The chair of the only Maori employment training provider in Wellington says more Maori providers must open to get results from a Trades Training Scheme for young Maori and Pacifica. [more]

Greymouth investigate home invasion
Greymouth police are seeking information about a home invasion in Barrytown by two armed men. [more]

Environment minister questions recycling pit
The Environment Minister says questions need to be asked of the owner of a recycling pit which has been burning near Christchurch for about six weeks. [more]

Care worker guilty of abusing disabled boy
A jury has found a Nelson care worker guilty of assaulting a severely disabled boy in her care. [more]

Respectable market debut for Mighty River Power
Mighty River Power has made a respectable sharemarket debut in New Zealand and Australia. [more]

Man fined for importing sub-machine gun parts
A Christchurch man has been fined $1000 for importing parts of a military-style sub-machine gun. [more]

Trade training schemes are working - Turia
Skills and Employment Associate Minister Tariana Turia says trade training schemes are working to get young people into a wider range of jobs. [more]

Scaled back plan for Ports of Auckland
The Ports of Auckland has released its scaled-back expansion proposal for public feedback. [more]