Radio New Zealand - Sunday, 28th June 2015

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Business News

Volatile week expected as Greece may default
A volatile week is expected on the world's money markets, with Greece on the verge of financial collapse and its future in the euro zone in doubt. [more]

Comvita asks shareholders to give directors a 26% pay rise
Comvita's board wants shareholders to approve a 26 percent pay rise over the next two years. [more]

R&D grants work - study
New research has found that receiving a research and development grant almost doubled the chances of a firm introducing a new product or service. [more]

Orion welcomes US Supreme Court decision on healthcare
Orion Healthcare says the American Supreme Court's decision to uphold subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, has given the healthcare software firm's customers the certainty they've been looking for. [more]

NZX to buy digital service company, Apteryx
NZX says its decision to buy the digital services management firm, Apteryx, is driven by the transformation of New Zealand's capital markets. [more]

Week ahead
In this week's business agenda, there are figures on building consents for May out tomorrow. [more]

Morning markets for 29 June 2015
Wall Street finished mixed as investors keep an eye on Greece. [more]

Dateline Pacific

Greater focus on gender equality needed in Pacific
An academic says the recent OECD review shows the New Zealand aid programme is neglecting issues such as gender equality and human rights. [more]

Opposition MPs arrest not related to speaking out against Govt
Nauru says the arrest of three opposition MPs has nothing to do with them speaking out against the government. [more]

MSG rejects West Papua membership bid
The Melanesian Spearhead Group has knocked back West Papua's bid to become a full member of the group, while elevating Indonesia's status. [more]

Dateline Pacific morning edition for 29 June 2015
NZ seeks more assurances from Nauru after protests last week; we have reaction to the Melanesian Spearhead Group's decision on West Papua; Palau's president defends his country's burning of illegal fishing boats; an American Samoan wage plan has been dismissed as unrealistic; Pitcairn legalises same-sex marriage; ahead of the Wellington Phoenix matches against Fiji, a happy homecoming for Fiji football star Roy Krishna. [more]

Morning Report

Sports News for 29 June 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Pacific News for 29 June 2015
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Labour says State house sales to Aussies a sign of desperation
The Government's shake up of state housing has run into yet more controversy with Finance Minister Bill English confirming an Australian buyer is eyeing up hundreds of houses which are up for sale. [more]

Sports News for 29 June 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Athens stumbles towards Grexit
Greek banks and the stock exchange will be shut today after the country's Prime Minister declared a bank holiday. [more]

Offices, kitchen and 100 year old cellar destroyed
A large fire at a Waikato winery early this morning is still smouldering after ripping through buildings and a 100-year old cellar. [more]

Foreign buyers eyeing up state house sell-off
Overseas buyers could be in for a slice of New Zealand's state housing stock as the Government pushes ahead with its social housing programme. [more]

Tunisians demand better security following deadly attacks
Tunisian authorities have launched a security clampdown following a deadly attack in the resort torn of Sousse. [more]

NZ only Super rugby final preview
Wellington's gearing up for this weekend's New Zealand-only Super Rugby final between the Highlanders and the Hurricanes. [more]

Greek banks and the stock exchange will be shut today
Greek banks and the stock exchange will be shut today after the country's creditors refused to extend the country's bailout. [more]

Labour points finger over milk retail price
The Labour Party is taking aim at milk processors and retailers accusing them of creaming it while consumers pay more for their milk. [more]

Good drivers could be rewarded with 'merit points'
Drivers who keep to the speed limit could soon be rewarded with merit points as part of a revamp of the demerit system. [more]

NZ Rugby working to sideline bad behaviour at junior games
The Auckland Rugby Union is holding meetings this week in the wake of a major brawl at a schoolboy rugby game on Saturday which left a player unconscious. [more]

Flag roadshow enters its final week
The country's flag roadshow is now entering its final week. [more]

Sports News for 29 June 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Community provider pans Govt's offshore state house sale plan
Gold Coast based social housing provider Horizon Housing is a potential buyer of hundreds of state houses the Government wants to sell off. [more]

Greek closes banks and imposes capital controls
The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has shut the country's crisis-hit banks and imposed capital controls to prevent withdrawals. [more]

Taxi drivers guilty of elaborate Rugby World Cup ticket scam
Two Ethiopian taxi drivers have been found guilty of an elaborate Rugby World Cup scam totalling more than half a million dollars. [more]

State of emergency remains after Whanganui's worst ever floods
The state of local emergency remains in place in Whanganui more than a week after the worst ever floods hit the town. [more]

Three seperate Islamic State attacks
The world has been rocked by three seperate Islamic State attacks on three different continents this week. Lina Khatib is the Director of the Carnegie Middle East Centre, and she says more attacks can be expected. [more]

Calls for government to impose 20 percent tax on fizzy drinks
The Government is again rejecting calls to slap a 20 percent tax on sugary soft drinks despite new international research showing price hikes cut consumption. [more]

Families of murder victims feel short-changed
The families of murder victims say a new part-time chief victims advisor to the Government won't go far enough in protecting their rights. [more]

Otago foreign policy school turns 50
Otago University's Foreign Policy School turned 50 over the weekend, with a bumper programme discussing New Zealand's place in the world. [more]

New Horizons

New Horizons - 28 June 2015
William Dart reviews recent releases from Labcoats, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and The Floral Clocks. [more]

News in Pacific Languages

News in Samoan for 29 June 2015
the latest news in Samoan language. [more]

News in Tongan for 29 June 2015
The latest news in Tongan language. [more]

Nine To Noon

Politics with Mike Williams and Matthew Hooton
Collapse of the Conservative Party. The latest polls. The relationship between the Auckland council and the National government. [more]

Teaching kids to cook
Sarah Halewood runs school holiday cooking classes for 8 -12 year olds at Wellington's Pre-fab cafe. Children prepare a meal for their family's dinner that night. [more]

One In Five

One In Five for 28 June 2015
Yaniv Janson started painting just 8 years ago. Seven months later he was a finalist in the prestigious Wallace Art Awards. And the awards have just kept on coming. The 23 year old, who lives in Hamilton, has now exhibited his work around the globe. The country's most well know art collector, Sir James Wallace owns four of Yaniv's works. Yaniv has also published two books of his art work; one has been selected by UNESCO as a resource to give teachers inspiration when they are working with students with a disability. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 29 June 2015
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Sounds Historical

Sounds Historical for 28 June 2015 ( Part 1 )
Stories of yesteryear from around New Zealand [more]

Sounds Historical for 28 June 2015 ( Part 2 )
Stories of yesteryear from around New Zealand. [more]


A Stitch in Time
For over seven years a dedicated group of volunteers have been passing on their quilting and life skills to prisoners at Auckland Region Women's Correctional Facility. The group is led by Mary Ann, who along with the other volunteers, wish to keep their last names anonymous. [more]

Standing Room Only

Contract disputes over Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography
There's a heated debate over the Silo Theatre production of Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography's decision to change the ending of Australian writer Declan Greene's play so the actors only strip to their underwear rather than completely. Greene's play is supposed to end with the actors stripping naked - that's how it's been performed in Australia and that's what the contract Silo signed agreed to specifies. Silo Theatre is using the dispute as a selling point, reviewers are divided, and industry websites like Theatreview are hearing from people with polarised views. Lynn Freeman speaks to Declan Greene, Silo Theatre's Artistic Director Sophie Roberts, and Michael Hurst who was a speaker at a recent Equity NZ workshop about nudity and simulated sex on stage and screen. [more]

The future of The Arts Centre of Christchurch
The man who's leading the charge to rebuild Christchurch's historic arts centre, André Lovatt has ambitious plans beyond restoring the bricks and mortar. He's spearheading the 290 million dollar rebuild of New Zealand's largest collection of heritage buildings. It is classed as one of the largest heritage restoration projects in the world. All but one of the 23 heritage buildings were substantially damaged in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. André Lovatt's efforts in overseeing the rebuild and launching fund raising campaigns have been recognised with a 2015 Blake Leader Award. [more]

Towards a New Zealand dramaturgy
Auckland writer Dione Joseph is on a mission. She wants to know what we mean when we talk about dramaturgy in New Zealand and she's been interviewing actors, directors, dancer and that rare beast - dramaturges - to find out. She tells Justin Gregory there's no easy answer. [more]

The Umbrella Movement
A 4m high wooden figure holding a bright yellow umbrella became a symbol for the thousands of Hong Kong protesters last year. Umbrella Man led to the Umbrella Movement, referring to the canopies protestors used to protect themselves from pepper spray. The young art-school graduate who made the statue could never have imagined that it would lead to a movement and beyond. Sampson Wong who's the Convenor of the Umbrella Movement Visual Archives and Research Collective and director of the Hong Kong Urban Laboratory. [more]

James Cook's Lost World
Graeme Lay has written a trilogy of novels charting Captain James Cook's life. There are a lot of gaps to fill in - not about the voyages which were thoroughly documented, but about his personal life. James Cook spent most of his life at sea, leaving his wife and children in England, waiting and worrying about him during his long absences. In this third novel, the seafarer tries to settle down on land....but just can't. [more]

A design for life
Sennep - taking its name from the Norwegian word for mustard - is an interactive design studio that was stared over a decade ago by Creative Directors Matt Rice and Hege Aaby. Matt and Hege will be speaking at the Semi-Permanent design conference in Auckland. Standing Room Only's Shaun D Wilson got Hege on the line and asked what a digital studio like Sennep actually does. [more]

Prodigious composer Salina Fisher
Composer Salina Fisher must be running out of room on her mantelpiece to hold all the awards she's won, and she's still only in her early 20s. She won the NZSO Todd Young Composer award in both 2013 and 2014. She's the 2015 Auckland Philharmonia Rising Star and her commission for the Mimosa Ensemble is about to be heard throughout the country. When Salina's not writing new music she's performing as a violinist, as a member of the National Youth Orchestra and a casual player in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. The NZSO Youth Orchestra is about to premiere her latest work, Rainphase. [more]

Sunday 4 'til 8

Invisibility: A Cultural History
The stories that we have told about invisibility are not stories of a technical capability but of power, desire, concealment, morality and corruption. What are these old tales of invisibility really saying, and how has the scientific understanding of light influenced them? Ideas of invisibility are, like all ideas rooted in legend, ultimately parables about our own hopes and fears. [more]

Te Kupu o te Wiki

Te kupu o te wiki: tākuta - doctor
The Māori word of the week is: tākuta - doctor. Mā te tākuta koe e tiaki. The doctor will tend to you. [more]

Te Manu Korihi

Te Manu Korihi News for 29 June 2015
A Māori digital expert says if people have te reo Māori in their e-mail address, it's unlikely they will be able to contact a government department, MP, local council or polytechnic; The Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau Authority is devising a new plan to help protect Auckland's ancestral mountains for future generations; A Trust that's been working towards a Māori cultural centre for Whangarei is hoping to hear this week if the council's agreed to provide it with a grant; A well-known Māori writer has been given the opportunity to explore her whakapapa in Germany and write poetry about it. [more]

War Reports

War Report - 28 June 2015
Anonymous memories from Gallipoli: a nurse recalls a man brought to hospital after seeing his brother killed, and veterans describe the humour of Gallipoli. Cecil Malthus's diary mentions action in the trenches and from the Otago Daily Times the report of the wounding of rugby player Charles Pollock of Poverty Bay. Pollock survived the war, not returning home until August 1919. Topics: history Regions: People: Tags: war, WW1 [more]

World & Pacific News

5am Pacific Regional and Sports News for 29 June 2015
The latest Pacific regional and sports news. [more]

6am World, Pacific and Sports News for 29 June 2015
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

7am World, Pacific and Sports News for 29 June 2015
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

8am World, Pacific and Sports News for 29 June 2015
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

News stories:

Highlanders blast into Super finals
The Highlanders have beaten the Waratahs 35-17 in Sydney to secure a place in an all New Zealand Super Rugby final against the Hurricanes. Look back at our live commentary here. [more]

Highlanders crush champions to reach final
The Highlanders produced a tactical masterclass to upset the NSW Waratahs 35-17 in Sydney last night to booking a spot in next weekend's Super Rugby final against the Hurricanes in Wellington. [more]

First all-NZ final in 9 years
The two leading teams of the 2015 Super Rugby season will play for the title in an all-New Zealand final in Wellington next weekend, where the Hurricanes or Highlanders will etch their name on the trophy for the very first time. [more]

Two seriously injured in Christchurch crash
Two people had to be pulled free from their cars after a crash in Christchurch early this morning, and both have been taken to hospital in a serious condition. [more]

Rotorua Lotto player $24.3 million richer
A Lotto player from Rotorua won $24.3 million last night in the Powerball first division. [more]

Warriors repel Raiders
Star half-back Shaun Johnson again provided the spark as the Warriors consolidated their position in the National Rugby League's top eight with a 30-8 win over Canberra in Auckland. [more]

Selling to Australian provider 'makes no sense'
Social housing groups say it would make no sense for the Government to sell state houses to a community housing provider from Australia. [more]

Auckland DHB warns of rising syphilis rates
The Auckland District Health Board has issued an alert to doctors and other health professionals about a sharp jump in the number of cases of syphilis. [more]

Hurricanes to host Super Rugby final
Brothers Ardie and Julian Savea scored tries either side of halftime to help propel the Hurricanes to a 29-9 victory over the ACT Brumbies and into their first Super Rugby final since 2006. [more]

Joni Mitchell reportedly unable to speak
Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell has reportedly lost her ability to speak because of a brain aneurysm. [more]

Tunisia launches security clampdown
Tunisia's Prime Minister Habib Essid has announced a clampdown on security after an attack on a holiday resort in which 38 people were killed. [more]

Man arrested over domestic incident
A 43-year-old Tauranga man will appear in court tomorrow charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. [more]

Hurricanes tipped to win title
The Hurricanes' vanquished opponents the Brumbies say the Wellington-based side have the game plan and personnel to win their first Super Rugby title. [more]

Highlanders underdogs for final
Highlanders coach Jamie Joseph says his team have fooled the rugby community by reaching the Super Rugby final, for which he's reserved underdog status. [more]

Rossi wins Dutch TT
Yamaha's Valentino Rossi has won MotoGP's Dutch TT race from pole position on after a thrilling duel with world champion Marc Marquez. [more]

Sangakkara to retire
Sri Lankan cricket great Kumar Sangakkara will quit international cricket during the Test series against India in August. [more]

Springboks name squad of 49
World Cup winners Frans Steyn and Jaque Fourie have been recalled to an extended Springbok squad for their first five matches of the year. [more]

Study finds 13% of NZers climate change sceptics
A new study has found New Zealand has a relatively high rate of climate change scepticism compared with similar industrialised countries. [more]

Three arrested after Auckland shooting
Two men and a teenager have been arrested following a shooting of another man in the face in Auckland. [more]

Officer based at Camp Taji killed
An Iraqi lieutenant-colonel based at the Iraqi camp where New Zealand troops are stationed has been killed. [more]

Call for more equality in top jobs
New research on equality in the workplace shows the playing-field is still tilted towards Pakeha men. [more]

Wellington's Terrace Tunnel reopens after crash
A man and a woman are dead after the motorcycle they were travelling on crashed near Wellington's Terrace Tunnel. [more]

Black Ferns outclass Canada
The New Zealand women's rugby team have beaten Canada 40-22 in their opening match of a quadrangular tournament in Calgary. [more]

Civil Defence in touch with cut off rural homes
Civil Defence in Whanganui says it is in touch with every rural home cut off by last weekend's devastating floods. [more]

Hosts knocked out of football World Cup
England have beaten hosts Canada 2-1 to reach their first semi-final of a women's football World Cup where they'll meet defending champions Japan. [more]

Lee lingering in Connecticut
New Zealand's Danny Lee is tied for 15th after three rounds of the latest PGA tour event in Connecticut. [more]

Conservative Party changes 'by the book'
The Conservative Party's new chairman is adamant he's done everything by the book after a raft of resignations over the behaviour of its founder Colin Craig. [more]

Safety of students compromised says principal
The principal of a South Auckland school where there was a post-rugby brawl that left a boy in hospital, says the safety of students was compromised. [more]

Police accused of ignoring threats
A south Auckland business association says an area of Otara is becoming so dangerous it is like the Wild West, but the police are failing to act. [more]

Greek exit from euro 'almost inevitable'
Austria's Finance Minister says a Greek exit from the euro appears almost inevitable as Greece's parliament approves a bailout referendum. [more]

NZ told to fund more transgender operations
Labour MP Louisa Wall says New Zealand needs to fund more transgender operations. [more]

Cycleway fuelling argument for highway shift
A $3 million boost for Nelson's cycleways will fuel the local MP's argument for shifting the state highway from the city's waterfront to a new urban link through town. [more]

Hundreds hurt in blast at Taiwan park
Organisers of a party at an amusement park in Taiwan have been detained for questioning after a fire tore through crowds at a party. [more]