Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 1st October 2015

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At The Movies

At The Movies for 1 October 2015
On At The Movies, Simon Morris looks at two contrasting streets – London Road, based on the ground-breaking, stage-show musical, and Tangerine – life on the hustle on Hollywood Boulevard. He also reviews the new Kiwi hiphop musical, Born To Dance, and the feelgood comedy The Intern, starring Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway. [more]

Best Of The Week

Best of the Week - 2 October 2015
This week........does the country have the systems in place to successfully turn out enough reasonably priced homes, why Donald Trump's style is so popular among some Americans in his bid to become President, mediawatch looks at coverage of the story involving British PM David Cameron and a pig, controversial claims that addiction is not a disease, are health tests a good idea, the search for Extraterrestrial life, how to reduce salt in your diet, we meet some cheeky residents in a bird rescue centre, one of the stars of Australian show Kath and Kim on her journey of self-discovery, and a book on New Zealand's most shocking and most reported murders in the late 19th century. [more]

Business News

Today's market update
The latest report on the housing market from the government valuer, QV, shows prices are up nearly 13 percent in the year to September, the fastest rate in eight years. [more]

Housing market not slowing - data
The housing market shows few signs of slowing down if the latest numbers from government valuer QV and website are to be believed. [more]

Hellaby Holdings reviewing its cash-rich balance sheet
The diversified investment company, Hellaby Holdings, says it's reviewing its cash-rich balance sheet with a view to returning capital to shareholders. [more]

Technology changing energy sector - report
A new report suggests that the energy sector are in for a significant shakeup in the way they structure themselves, do business, and deal with consumers because of changing technology. [more]

NZ edges up to 16th in global competitive ranks
New Zealand is the 16th most competitive country in the world, according to this year's Global Competitiveness Index. [more]

Morning Markets for 2 October 2015
Wall Street is down 1% after a fall in Apple's share price. A report suggests that phone-chip suppliers are concerned the iPhone manufacturer may cut chip orders in the next few months. [more]

Markets Update for 2 October 2015
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Orion eyes pharmacy expansion opportunities in United States
The health software company, Orion Health, has signed a deal that will its technology rolled out to all 24-hundred Boots chemist shops in Britain and Ireland, and it's now setting its sights on the United States. [more]

Energy shake up may give power to the people
The pace of technological change in the energy sector may lead to consumers being less at the whim of their power suppliers and able to exert more control over their consumption and costs. [more]

Midday Markets for 2 October 2015
For the latest from the markets we're joined by Don Lewthwaite at First NZ Capital. [more]

Business briefs
TruScreen, the company which develops cancer tests says its annual sales won't meet forecasts because of a delay in the launch of an upgraded screening device. [more]


Checkpoint Top Stories for Thursday 1 October 2015
Multiple failures that let murderer and child sex criminal Phillip Smith escape to Brazil and high profile maori women backing a visit by the American singer Chris Brown. [more]

Phillip Smith's escape exposes big security gaps
Investigators have found multiple failures by Corrections, Customs and others let murderer and child sex criminal Phillip Smith expose big security gaps and escape to Brazil. [more]

Prison boss admits shortcomings
The investigators point out Phillip Smith's escape was a rare event. But Corrections Chief Executive is Ray Smith says they could have done so much better. [more]

Controversial American singer Chris Brown
Controversial American singer Chris Brown has been endorsed by a line up of high profile Maori women including four Dames, a Lady and the former CEO of the Women's Refuge. [more]

Preschooler facing deportation in Australia
Legal experts say the New Zealand and Australian governments have a responsibility to help a preschooler facing deportation and hundreds of others in the same situation. [more]

Justice Minister on multiple failings around Smith's escape
More now to the multiple failures by Corrections, Customs and others around murderer and child sex criminal Phillip Smith's escape to Brazil. [more]

Greenpeace protest at parliament costs tax payers $36.000
A climate change protest on the roof of Parliament buildings has cost tax payers over 36 thousand dollars [more]

More high-profile women come out in support of Chris Brown
Four Dames, a Lady and a former head of the Women's Refuge have come out in support of the American singer Chris Brown visitig New Zealand. [more]

Fatal crash with foreign driver under investigation
A foreign driver who was killed along with two of his passengers had limited New Zealand driving experience and had been seen overtaking dangerously just minutes before the crash. [more]

Groser says some TPP movement on dairy, but not enough
The Goverment is cautiously optimistic a deal to establish a Pacific-wide trade region can finally be wrapped up this week despite very little change to dairy access positions. [more]

Sports News for 1 October 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Smith escape reveals systemic failings - opposition parties
The Green Party says the problems at the Corrections Department are far more widespread than those revealed in a new report into the escape to South America of murderer and paedophile Phillip Smith. [more]

Some contrition from protester fined for scaling Beehive
One of the protesters convicted of scaling Parliament buildings in June says he's sorry their action has cost the tax payer more than 36-thousand dollars. [more]

Caution urged over new parole-for-deportees law.
The Human Rights Foundation says a new law imposing parole on offenders deported back to New Zealand from Australia, must not pile extra punishment on people who've already served their time. [more]

Fence-fort fight ends in favour of harbour view
When retired manufacturing engineer Peter Aitchison goes to look out over Wellington harbour from his home, he sees a four-metre-high fence instead. [more]

Wrong drugs ordered for Oklahoma execution
The Governor of Oklahoma has halted the execution of a death row inmate at the last minute, after realising the state had taken delivery of the wrong kind of drugs for his killing. [more]

Bright-line test kicks in to try to ease house price pressure
Gains on property sales are being targeted from today with the new bright-line test coming into force. [more]

Retired Australian Admiral warns of climate change threats
A retired Australian admiral is warning that his country's Defence Force is failing to deal with the security threats and other consequences of climate change. [more]

Warning Super El Nino to bring suffering to millions in Pacific
Oxfam has issued a dire warning about risks to lives and livelihoods across the Pacific from the Super El Nino which has already brought drought and severe heat to Papua New Guinea. [more]

Dateline Pacific

New environmental law book for the Solomons
The public solicitors office in Solomon Islands has released a new environmental law book aimed at educating and informing stakeholders in the country. [more]

Kiribati bureaucratic backlog creates squatters
Bureaucratic backlogs in Kiribati has forced some people into squatting for more than a decade. [more]

Cooks govt working with pensioners refusing to pay tax
The Cook Islands government says it is encouraging superannuants refusing to pay taxes on their New Zealand pensions to set up small payments to keep up with what's owed. [more]

Slow start for Pacific regionalism
Regional development experts from the Australian National University say it has been a slow start for the Pacific Island Forum's framework for Pacific regionialism. [more]

Dateline Pacific evening edition for 1 October 2015
Experts call slow start on forum framework for Pacific Regionalism; Cook Islands pensioners refusing to pay taxes on NZ pensions; Red tape causes more than a decade of squatting in Kiritbati; A PNG Governor says aid to drought hit Chimbu is not enough; UNICEF says Pacific children are suffering because of ongoing El Nino and New environmental law book for the Solomons. [more]

Revoking Nauru pensioners' benefits 'abuse of power'
A Nauru opposition MP says the revoking of pensioners' benefits for allegedly participating in anti-government protests in June is a blantant abuse of power. [more]

Climate change migration the focus of Kiribati summit
Kiribati prepares to host an international conference aiming to develop a mechanism to cater for people forced to migrate by climate change. [more]

Dateline Pacific morning edition for 2 October 2015
Kiribati is to hold talks with other atoll states to try and develop a mechanism to cater for climate-induced migrants; A Nauru opposition MP labels the suspension of protesters' pensions a 'blatant abuse of power'; It's been a slow start for Pacific regionalism; Cook Islands pensions still refuse to pay taxes; And, bureaucratic blunders have forced some i-Kiribati to live in squatter settlements for a decade. [more]

Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm

First song
Hollie Smith - 'Lady Dee' [more]

Hero Of The Sounds - Joe Heberley
Marine hero Joe Heberley say he is still "in shock" after friends, family, and representatives from Coastguard Marlborough and Marlborough police surprised him with a presentation ceremony last week. [more]

Zombie Pageant - Jayme Moses
The Zombie apocolypse is coming to New Plymouth - in the form a beauty pageant. 12 zombies will hit the stage as part of Halloween celebrations this month, parading their costumes on the catwalk and showcasing their talents. Make-up artist Jayme Moses is organising the event. [more]

Hot Tips In A Hot Housing Market - Jules Older
Jules Older has negotiated the real estate market here, as well as in New York and San Francisco. He's written a guide book on how to rent and buy in the midst of a housing boom. [more]

Favourite album
Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Session. [more]

Possible Twitter Changes - Megan Whelan
If Twitter was to drop - or at least extend - its 140 character limit, wouldn't that fundamentally change the nature of it, as a social medium? It's now being reported as a near-certainty in the Washington Post. Twitter has already ditched the 140-character limit on its direct messaging application and social media experts are picking the public side of Twitter will shortly follow suit. Radio New Zealand's social media editor, Megan Whelan, has been investigating. [more]

Roadmap - Kaka Point
Kaka Point is a small, coastal community in the Catlins, half an hour south-east of Balclutha. [more]

The Expats - Chauncey Flay
Our expat this week has traded the hustle and bustle of Auckland for the relaxed island vibes of Rarotonga. [more]

Masterpieces - Tom Scott
Policial satirist Tom Scott remembers his favourite election. [more]

Late Edition

Late Edition for Thursday 1 October 2015
Kuia for Chris Brown, hot housing-the warming of the global property market and in Dateline Pacific, Cook Islanders refuse to pay tax on their New Zealand pensions. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 2 October 2015
A New Zealander is caught up in Oregon's college shooting and John Key attacks the United Nations Security Council. [more]

Midday Sports News for 2 October 2015
Fiji remain without any points at the Rugby World Cup despite another couragous performance. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Friday 2 October 2015
Smith report is just a bandaid on an already failing system, Russia launchessecond wave of airstrikes in Syria, Smith's victim says investigation a cop out, Statements from Corrections and Police, Second day of Russian airstrikes over Syria, Corrections admits errors in Phillip John Smith case, Tariana Turia defends stance on Chris Brown, Questions around dairy access remain in Atlanta TPP talks, and 15 people are dead and at least 20 wounded in Oregon shooting. [more]

Sports News for 2 October 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Govt set to make big legislative changes
The Government is set to make dramatic legislative changes to prevent another embarrassing international manhunt for an escaped prisoner. Amelia Langford reports. [more]

Principals says money at heart of school property problems
Principals say school property funding is facing unprecedented pressure. The president of the Principals Federation, Denise Torrey, told our education correspondent, John Gerritsen, its members are becoming increasingly unhappy. [more]

Pacific News for 2 October 2015
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Protests as second day of TTP negotiations get underway
Melinda St Louis is the Director of International Campaigns at Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, and joins Morning Report from the protests in Atlanta. [more]

Smith report is just a bandaid on an already failing system
The Sensible Sentencing Trust says the Government's report on a convicted killer's escape is yet another bandaid on a system that is failing New Zealanders. Garth McVicar is a spokesperson for the Sensible Sentencing Trust. [more]

Russia launchessecond wave of airstrikes in Syria
Russia has launched a second wave of airstrikes in Syria. More than 50 Russian planes and helicopters are now involved in the operation which they say has destroyed 12 Islamic State targets including a command centre. [more]

Sports News for 2 October 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Smith's victim says investigation a cop out
The sister of the man murdered by Phillip John Smith says her family has been let down again by a report she called a cop out. She told morning report the mistakes and lack of communication aren't surprising as the family just hasn't been listened to. [more]

Statements from Corrections and Police
Morning Report asked to speak to Chief Executive, Department of Corrections, Ray Smith, but he is now on leave and no one else from the department would speak to us. Corrections Minister Sam Lotu-iinga was also unavailable this morning Corrections and police have both released a statement yesterday. [more]

Second day of Russian airstrikes over Syria
Russia has carried out a second day of airstirkes against what it says are Islamic State targets in Syria. The Russian attacks are mainly targetting locations in the west of the country - while Islamic State strongholds are largely in the east. Our correspondent at the United Nations in New York is Mary MacCarthy. [more]

One dead in Ponsonby blaze
A person has died overnight in a house fire in the central Auckland suburb of Ponsonby. [more]

Wales notch up victory over Fiji
Former Wales and Lions winger David James was at the match. [more]

Corrections admits errors in Phillip John Smith case
The Corrections Department has admitted Smith, a dangerous and manipulative prisoner, should never have been let out. Beven Hanlon is the Corrections Association's industrial officer. [more]

Tariana Turia defends stance on Chris Brown
Entertainer Chris Brown has found unlikely allies in some of New Zealand's most prominent female anti-domestic violence advocates. [more]

Questions around dairy access remain in Atlanta TPP talks
Trade Minister Tim Groser is in Atlanta today going toe-to-toe with his 11 counterparts over the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. Malcolm Bailey is the chairman of Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand and he's in Atlanta. [more]

15 people are dead and at least 20 wounded in Oregon shooting
The shooting took place at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg. Gale Cunningham is a reporter at 1190 KEX in Portland. [more]

Wellington pandas might require bamboo plantation
If Wellington wants giant pandas it would need to build a bamboo plantation or import 50 kilograms of the plant a day. [more]

Wellington deputy major optimistic about panda proposal
Wellington City Council deputy major Justin Lester has been spearheading the panda proposal. [more]

Sports News for 2 October 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Justice Minister - report highlights problems in justice system
The Justice Minister says a report on the escape of the convicted murderer and sex offender Phillip John Smith has highlighted the system is not fail-safe. Justice Minister Amy Adams joins Morning Report. [more]

Schools face "perfect storm" of property problems
School principals say they are facing a perfect storm. Education correspondent John Gerritsen reports. [more]

Govt accused of spending asset sale proceeds on pet projects
The Government has been accused of spending the proceeds of asset sales on pet projects, rather than schools and hospitals as promised. Economics correspondent, Patrick O'Meara reports. [more]

All Blacks prepare for match against Georgia
The All Blacks are aiming to lay down a marker at the Rugby World Cup in their pool match against Georgia in Cardiff tomorrow morning. [more]

Keith Quinn live
Keith Quinn joins Morning Report ahead of the All Blacks match against Georgia tomorrow. [more]

Bargain-hunters unsure of purchases after Harvey Norman bungle
Hundreds of bargain hunters are waiting to see if they'll get to keep their purchases after a huge Harvey Norman bungle. Consumer New Zealand Chief Sue Chetwin says Harvey Norman should honour the sales. [more]

Fututre of controversial teen novel decided today
Whether New Zealand's first banned book in 20 years remains off-limits to teenagers could be decided today. [more]

West Auckland police shot at
West Auckland police were shot at - at least three times - during a car chase last night. Superintendent Bill Searle joins Morning Report. [more]

Bravery awards honour teenagers, police officer and artist
Two brave teenagers who tried to save a drowning man, a Police officer that hauled another man out of the ocean, and a young artist tackling bullying through art, were amongst the recipients of last night's Wellington Safety in the City Awards. [more]

Kerry-Anne Walsh with news from Australia
Canberra correspondent Kerry-Anne Walsh. [more]

News in Pacific Languages

News in Samoan for 2 October 2015
The latest news in Samoan language. [more]

News in Niuean for 2 October 2015
The latest news in Niuean language. [more]

News in Tongan for 2 October 2015
The latest news in Tongan language. [more]


The future of cycling
Bryan speaks to delegates at this Waikato University organised event on the future of pedal power. [more]

Cultural Ambassador: Fergus Barrowman
Brings the new jazz releases. Including albums from Norman Meehan, Hannah Griffin, Hayden Chisholm (Small Holes in the Silence) the Stefano Battaglia Trio, and Cecile McLorin Salvant. [more]

Conundrum Clue 7.
Listen in tomorrow night for the answer [more]

Conundrum Clue 8.
Listen in tomorrow night for the answer [more]

Nine To Noon

Science funding under the microscope
For the first time in New Zealand economists have carried out a detailed study of the effectiveness of science funding. The non-profit research organisation, Motu, says its research suggests the final selection process of the Marsden Fund is no better than a lottery. Nine to Noon speaks to the director of Motu, Adam Jaffe, as well as the chair of the Marsden Fund council, Juliet Gerrard and the president of the Association of Scientists, Nicola Gaston. [more]

Hungary defends border policy
Hungary is defending a move to close off yet another border to prevent desperate migrants from crossing through on their way to Northern Europe. It has already divided opinion across Europe by building a fence along its border with Serbia, one of the main overland entry points into Europe's border-free Schengen zone. It is now looking to close off a second border with Croatia. Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Zovacs says while the fence is ugly and undesirable there is no other option. [more]

Britain's funniest police officer
The mystery of the fried egg, the forgotten shoes, and taking orders from a cat. All in a days work for the Scilly Island Police team. [more]

Pacific Correspondent, Mike Field
Concerns over El Nino and the growing popularity of social media in Fiji. [more]

Could new gene therapies help us live for much longer?
Brian Hanley is the founder of Butterfly Sciences, a company developing gene therapies for aging. He says while humans are designed by evolution to age, longer lifespans could be on the way thanks to new gene therapies. Brian Hanley says if scientists can reset mitochondria genes and restart the thymus then humans will be able to live much longer than they already do. But there are serious barriers both in theory and practice. [more]

Book review: The Blue Guitar by John Banville
Reviewed by Kiran Dass, published by Viking. [more]

New Music with Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy Taylor renews his love affair with the music of New Order, is suitable impressed with Tami Neilson's follow up to 'Dynamite', and finds at least some joy in the grab-bag that is Keith Richards' third solo album. [more]

Tree climbing Championships in Nelson
Three time champion tree climber, Scott Forrest on the upcoming National Championships in Nelson. and the highs and lows of tree climbing. [more]

Sports commentator Brendan Telfer
With the latest from the Rugby World Cup, hel also touches on rugby league's big weekend with the NRL Grand Final set down for Sunday night in Sydney. [more]

The Week that Was
With comedians Radar and Elisabeth Easther. [more]

Our Changing World

Planning for a pandemic
The Great Barrier Island community discusses the frightening prospect that they could be the sole survivors after a global flu pandemic. [more]

Moving animals for conservation
There have been hundreds of relocations of animals for conservation reasons in New Zealand and Australia - so what lessons have we learnt [more]

Offsetting biodiversity losses
Environmental Defence Society policy analyst Marie Brown discusses the challenge of how development projects can offset biodiversity losses. [more]

Too much salt
We live in a high salt world, so how feasible is it in our current shopping environment to eat a low sodium diet [more]

Kermadec region becomes an open ocean sanctuary
This week, the government announced the creation of the Kermadec ocean sanctuary, which covers 620,000 square kilometres and bans mining, prospecting and fishing. [more]

Pacific Correspondent

Pacific Correspondent for 1 October 2015
Today we hear from our correspondent in Vanuatu, Len Garae. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 2 October 2015
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 2 October 2015
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

Te Manu Korihi

Calls to address a shortage of Maori midwives
The National Māori Midwives Organisation says expecting wahine around the country are suffering due to a shortage of Māori midwives to care for them. Most of the three-thousand midwives in New Zealand are Pākehā, followed closely by immigrants, with only 260 midwives being Māori. Almost 13 thousand babies are born by Maori women each year. Te Manu Korihi reporter Leigh Marama McLachlan has the story. [more]

Te Manu Korihi News for 1 October 2015
The National Maori Midwives Organisation says expecting wahine around the country are suffering due to a shortage of Maori midwives to care for them; The government's creation of a sanctuary covering more than 6-hundred thousand kilometres in the Kermadec Islands has raised concerns over the lack of consultation with Te Ohu Kaimoana. [more]

Te Manu Korihi News for 2 October 2015
Muaupoko iwi members in Levin will get a chance to air their concerns about the use of Lake Horowhenua to the Waitangi Tribunal; The Dean of Whitireia Polytechnic's Faculty of Health says its 13 Maori nursing students who graduated this week have bicultural skills which will benefit Maori patients; Three schools under one roof and a new visual identity for the Armed Offenders Squad are among the Nga Aho finalists in the 2015 Best Design Awards. [more]

Mike Williams says no need for Te Reo in prisons
The former Labour Party President Mike Williams who now teaches literacy in prisons says there's no need for Te Reo Maori in prisons. [more]

The Panel

The Panel pre-show for 1 October 2015
Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel. [more]

The Panel with Beck Eleven and Kevin Milne (Part 1)
What the Panelists Beck Eleven and Kevin Milne have been up to. Will the TPP be signed this week? What is the "bright-line test" and will it apply to you? US based Kiwi professor on haka petition. [more]

Panel Intro
What the Panelists Beck Eleven and Kevin Milne have been up to. [more]

The TPP agreement
Will the TPP be signed this week?   [more]

New property tax starts today
What is the "bright-line test" and will it apply to you? [more]

Petition against US University team performing the Haka
US based Kiwi professor on haka petition. [more]

Interactive learning at the University of Chicago library
Introverts and extroverts. [more]

Feedback on US haka pertition
Lots of feedback coming in about the haka story. [more]

TV show ratings
What are TV shows not rating anymore? [more]

Panel says
What the Panelists Beck Eleven and Kevin Milne have been thinking about. [more]

New mall for Auckland
Huge mall opens in Auckland [more]

The Panel with Beck Eleven and Kevin Milne (Part 2)
Introverts and extroverts. Lots of feedback coming in about the haka story. What are TV shows not rating anymore? What the Panelists Beck Eleven and Kevin Milne have been thinking about. Huge mall opens in Auckland. [more]

The Wireless

What's up this weekend?
The best this weekend has to offer, including shows from Lontalius, Beastwars and Jakob, MessMess and more [more]

Police crackdown on online drug sales
"People who are contemplating importing drugs or synthetic cannabis via the internet should really think twice." [more]

Banned book Into The River to hit US shelves
Into The River, the first book to be banned in New Zealand in more than 20 years, will soon be available to readers in the US and Canada. [more]

NZ Music Awards technical finalists announced
The NZ Music Awards nominees for Best Producer, Best Engineer and Best Artwork have been announced, as well as details of the main event itself. [more]


Ros Giffney: Rangatahi Philharmonia o Tara
Sistema Aotearoa has just launched the youth orchestra Rangatahi Philharmonia o Tara. Eva catches up with programme director Rosalind Giffney, and asks her how the South Auckland music education initiative is going. [more]

Malvina Major: Soprano
Legendary New Zealand soprano Malvina Major has given her final professional performance. She tells Eva what she has planned for the next phase of her career. [more]

Iain Tetley and Emma Roxburgh: 'Dido and Aeneas'
Soprano Emma Roxburgh and tenor Iain Tetley are playing the title roles in this weekend's performances of Purcell's 'Dido and Aeneas' by the Handel Consort and Quire. They talk Eva through the synopsis and what it requires of its singers. [more]

World & Pacific News

2pm Pacific Regional News for 1 October 2015
The latest Pacific regional news. [more]

8pm Pacific Regional News for 1 October 2015
The latest Pacific regional news. [more]

6am Pacific Regional and Sports News for 2 October 2015
The latest Pacific regional and sports news. [more]

7am World, Pacific and Sports News for 2 October 2015
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

8am World, Pacific and Sports News for 2 October 2015
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

9am World, Pacific and Sports News for 2 October 2015
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

10am World, Pacific and Sports News for 2 October 2015
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

11am World, Pacific and Sports News for 2 October 2015
The latest World, Pacific and sports news. [more]


Kick Out The Jams: Yukon Era
Interviews and live sets from the New Zealand music underground. This week, we catch Auckland band Yukon Era. Read more at Video shot by John Lake and Jonathan Shirley. Edited by John Lake. [more]

News stories:

Scientists' group challenges Joyce on CRIs
The New Zealand Association of Scientists has accused Minister of Science and Innovation Steven Joyce of contradicting the Crown Research Institutes Act. [more]

Alliance roadshows get under way
The Alliance Group's annual roadshow for its 5000 farmer shareholders starts in Fielding and Dannevirke today. [more]

Russia launches Syria air strikes
Russia has begun carrying out air strikes in Syria tareting opponents of President Bashar al-Assad. [more]

Tonga's PM highlights Papua issue at UN
Taking centre stage at the United Nations General Assembly, the Tongan Prime Minister has urged the world to take action on the human rights situation in Indonesia's West Papua region. [more]

Samoa launches new submarine cable company
The Samoa government has launched a $US49-million project which establishes the country's first locally-owned submarine cable company. [more]

Another Serco prison under fire
The MP who first raised questions about how Serco was running Mt Eden Prison has fresh allegations about another prison run by the private operator. [more]

All Black Naholo to start against Georgia
Winger Waisake Naholo will make his Rugby World Cup debut among 10 changes to the starting line-up for the Pool C match against Georgia in Cardiff on Saturday morning. [more]

October weather: the great divide
A chilly September has had a happy ending, with sunny spells for Auckland, Northland and the Hawke's Bay - but what's in the pipeline this month? [more]

Deportee risks targeted by new Australian deal
A new agreement with Australia will give New Zealand information on risks posed to the public by deportees, but will have no impact on the time they spend in detention centres. [more]

UNICEF calls for EL Nino costing
UNICEF says governments need to analyse the cost of the El Nino weather system's impact on the Pacific if disastrous long-term consequences are to be avoided. [more]

Thaiday enjoying a second grand final
Sam Thaiday says Sunday's NRL grand final will be a different experience for him compared to the match nine years ago when he won his first Premiership. [more]

Mundine eyes Mayweather bout
Barring a bad loss, 40-year-old Anthony Mundine believes he'll be boxing for up to three more years and still craves one massive bout. [more]

Zut alors! Paris smokers hit with $120 fines
Smokers in Paris caught throwing their cigarette butts onto the street will see $120 (or €68) go up in smoke, as a bid to clean up the French capital gets underway. [more]

Dunedin's doubts on govt courthouse figures
Dunedin leaders say they can not believe the government's estimates for quake-strengthening the city's heritage courthouse. [more]

Coastal hazard info 'hocus pocus'
A group of Christchurch residents is stunned to find details about houses being vulnerable to the sea will stay on their land information reports. [more]

UN raises Palestinian flag for the first time
The Palestinian flag has been raised for the first time at United Nations headquarters in New York. [more]

UK rules out Jamaica slave compensation
David Cameron has ruled out making reparations for Britain's role in the historic slave trade and urged Caribbean countries to 'move on'. [more]

Man jailed for possession of child sexual abuse images
A Hastings man has been sentenced to 12 month's jail for possessing child sexual abuse images. Andrew Craig Ward, 43, had pleaded guilty to 10 charges of possession. At sentencing... [more]

Man ordered to pay back jet boat grant money
An IT director has been ordered to pay back nearly $50,000 in grant money he used to build himself a jet boat in India. Jeffrey Horne pleaded guilty to falsifying... [more]

Football royalty richer than the Queen
Superstar couple David and Victoria Beckham have dethroned Britain's Queen Elizabeth in a new earnings rich list. [more]

Future is rosy for Auckland cyclists
New images of the $10 million, bright magenta cycleway planned for Auckland have been released. [more]

New Auckland housing rules come into effect
New rules aimed at taking some of the heat out of the Auckland housing market come into force today. [more]

Nauru local loses benefits over protest
A Nauru local has lost his over-60 benefits for allegedly participating in anti-government riots more than three months ago. [more]

Ministers poised to release Smith inquiry
A long-awaited inquiry into how convicted murderer and sex offender Phillip John Smith fled to Brazil could be released today. [more]

Banned NZ book to hit US shelves
The US publisher of Into the River heard about the New Zealand book only because of publicity about it being banned in this country. [more]

Police target online drug sales
Synthetic cannabis users who buy their drugs on the internet are being warned that getting an online fix was not as anonymous as it appeared [more]

Air freight drops 2 percent
The International Air Transport Association says fewer people are sending goods by air. It said total volumes are down 2 percent compared with the end of 2014. The association blamed... [more]

Georgia rest players for All Blacks
Georgia coach Milton Haig is resting a number of players for their match against New Zealand with an eye on their final group game against Namibia. [more]

Hawke's Bay and Wellington draw
Hawke's Bay scored a try on full-time to grab a 22-22 draw with Wellington in their ITM Cup Championship game in the capital. [more]

Mourinho escapes punishment
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho won't be sanctioned by the English FA for making discriminatory comments towards former club doctor Eva Carneiro. [more]

Australian Test side return to state teams
Australia's Test squad have returned to training with their state colleagues while awaiting the likely cancellation of the Bangladesh tour. [more]

Warriors sign NRL veteran
The New Zealand Warriors have signed National Rugby League veteran Jeff Robson on a one-year contract. [more]

Du Preez to captain Boks against Scotland
South Africa named veteran halfback Fourie du Preez as captain and made three changes to play Scotland in Newcastle on Sunday. [more]

Fifa and UEFA call off friendly
The troubled world and European football bodies FIFA and UEFA have cancelled their annual staff match. [more]

Fiji make six changes for Wales clash
Asaeli Tikoirotuma has replaced the suspended Nemani Nadolo on the left wing for Fiji's crucial Pool A clash with Wales. [more]

Tonga win 'another step' towards World Cup dream
Bouncing back to win against Namibia was important for Tonga after their opening game loss, says team coach Mana Otai. [more]

Warner banned for life
Trinidadian Jack Warner, once one of the most powerful men in world football, has been banned from all football-related activities for life. [more]

Tonga beat Namibia in Exeter
Tonga ran in five tries to edge out Namibia 35-21 in a highly-entertaining Rugby World Cup Pool C match at Sandy Park in Exeter. [more]

Jayawardene to play for Stags
Sri Lanka cricket star Mahela Jayawardene will play for Central Districts in this summer's T20 competition. [more]

Grosjean to drive for Haas
France's Romain Grosjean is leaving Lotus to become 'lead driver' at the new US-owned Haas Formula One team in 2016. [more]

'It's time we stepped up': Vito
The All Blacks plan to bring their 'A' game to a bruising confrontation with Georgia in their third Rugby World Cup pool match in Cardiff on Saturday. [more]

Adams hopes to start for Thunder
New Zealand basketballer Steven Adams says he'll need to be at his best to secure a starting spot for the Oaklahoma City Thunder. [more]

West Indies coach suspended
The West Indies Cricket Board has suspended head coach Phil Simmons after he criticised selection policy for next month's tour of Sri Lanka. [more]

Squash misses out on Olympics
Squash has been overlooked for inclusion at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which is devastating news for the sport's millions of followers, says the World Squash Federation. [more]

Welsh win whips Cardiff into a frenzy
OPINION: While the All Blacks are camped out in Cardiff ahead of their game against Georgia, there's no doubt who the main attraction in the city is, writes Alex Coogan-Reeves]. [more]

Lee to reap rewards of PGA Tour success
Former PGA Tour professional Phil Tataurangi predicts life will only get better for Danny Lee following his breakthrough season. [more]

Olympic surfing to be held on shore
Surfing at the 2020 Olympics would be held in a wave pool if it is confirmed by the IOC. [more]

Thurston wins Dally M again
An emotional Johnathan Thurston broke down in tears after winning a record fourth Dally M National Rugby League Player of the Year medal. [more]

Vunipola out of World Cup
England's stuttering Rugby World Cup has suffered another blow with influential forward Billy Vunipola out of the tournament with a knee injury. [more]

Everton come from behind to beat West Brom
Romelu Lukaku scored twice and set up another goal as Everton rallied from two goals down to beat West Bromwich Albion 3-2. [more]

Blatter says he will remain in his job until February
FIFA President Sepp Blatter plans to remain in his job until February and told staff he had done nothing illegal or improper. [more]

2019 Japan RWC venue confirmed
Yokohama Stadium, which staged the 2002 football World Cup final, will replace Japan's new National Stadium as the venue for the 2019 Rugby World Cup final. [more]

De Villiers' exit could open door for young Boks stars
OPINION: South African captain Jean De Villiers' Test retirement after another broken jaw isn't the big blow to the Springboks' World Cup chances it might have been a few years ago. [more]

Sport: No room left for error - Samoa coach
Samoa coach Stephen Betham says his team has no room left for error following their Rugby World Cup defeat to South Africa at the weekend. [more]

Brady chalks up another milestone
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has became just the fourth player to throw 400 career touchdown passes in the National Football League. [more]

Sport: The Cooks return to the world of league
The Cook Islands rugby league team is counting down until their return to the international arena. [more]

Sport: U20 World Cup spot up for grabs for Oceania women
The Oceania Under 20 Women's Football Championship kicks off in Nuku'alofa today, with the winner to join Papua New Guinea at next year's World Cup. [more]

Sport: Samoa appoints new 7s manager, changes role
The Samoa Rugby Union has appointed a new manager for the Manu Samoa sevens rugby team, who will no longer act as an assistant coach. [more]

A man drives into a police station...
A man has been charged with drink driving and wilful damage after crashing his car through the front doors of the Taumarunui police station. [more]

Wins for Ronaldo and Manchester clubs
Cristiano Ronaldo was in the record books again, while both Manchester football clubs scored wins in their Champions League action. [more]

TPP: Groser sees 'glimmer' on dairy access
The Trade Minister says there are signs of movement on improved dairy access at the latest Trans-Pacific Partnership talks, but not enough to satisfy him. [more]

Flag fallacies: What not to believe
Now that the ballot paper is (presumably) final, it's time to blow away some of the inaccuracies floating around on social media, writes Megan Whelan. [more]

Fiji coach calls for more consistency
Fiji's coach says they need to be more consistent when playing against the top nations. [more]

Inquest hears of tourist's NZ driving inexperience
A Chinese driver's lack of experience on New Zealand roads has been linked to the deaths of three people in an accident near Wanaka last December. [more]

Super Fund, Infratil sell stakes in Z Energy
Z Energy's two major shareholders have turned a tidy profit from selling their shares in the petrol retailer. [more]

Housing supply at 10-year low
New Zealand is facing its lowest level of housing availability in nearly a decade, as demand continues to outstrip supply, according to data from [more]

Australian lawyer pair barred from entering PNG
Two Australian lawyers have reportedly been barred from entering Papua New Guinea, after preparing to represent authorities in a case against the PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill. [more]

BREAKING NEWS - Report on murderer's South American escape slams state officials
BREAKING NEWS - Report on murderer's South American escape slams state officials [more]

Missing Tokelauans located by NZ Orion
Three men have been found safe and well after spending more than 30 hours lost in a dinghy in Tokelau. [more]

Mother or girlfriend - who do you save?
China's national judicial examination posed this question to future lawyers and judges - but there is only one right answer. [more]

New Caledonia continental shelf extended
France says it has extended the continental shelf off several of its overseas territories, including New Caledonia, by a total of half a million square kilometres. [more]

Litany of failings allowed Smith to flee
A long-awaited inquiry into the escape of murderer and sex offender Phillip John Smith finds an array of failings in several state agencies enabled him to flee. [more]

Fiji seeks UN Human Rights Council seat
Fiji has joined Australia in bidding for membership of the United Nations Human Rights Council. [more]

Electricity project to empower Vanuatu households
New Zealand's High Commissioner in Vanuatu says the new Rural Electrification Project will help improve livelihoods and management of households in many communities across the country. [more]

Men spent 30 hours in dinghy
Three men have been found safe after spending almost two days lost in a dinghy near the Tokelau islands. [more]

Woman charged with helping fatal shooting fugitives
A Hamilton woman has been charged with aiding two people on the run for a few days, following a fatal shooting in February. Michael Thompson was shot in the face... [more]

House prices continue to soar
The latest QV report on the housing market shows house prices rose nearly 13 percent in a year - which is the fastest rate since 2007. [more]

Rare telescope's crucial lens survives quake collapse
A rare telescope that has been looking into space over Christchurch for nearly 120 years, but was left unusable by the 2011 earthquake, will be restored. [more]

Charter school opposition linked to apartheid
Education Minister Hekia Parata has referred to anti-apartheid protests while criticising secondary teachers for discriminating against staff from charter schools. [more]

Supervising deported crims creates new issues - lawyers
The Justice Minister's plan to ensure dangerous criminals deported from Australia can be supervised when they return to New Zealand could cause new problems, warn lawyers. [more]

Aussies nab heaviest fleece record
Well it's official New Zealand has been fleeced by the Australians ..who now hold the world record for the heaviest fleece shorn off a merino. [more]

Sauna fire forces evacuation of central Christchurch gym.
A fire in a sauna has forced the evacuation of a central Christchurch gym. Emergency services were called to the Moorehouse Avenue City Fitness Gym about 2.15pm today. The Fire... [more]

Pool safety plans 'will cause drownings'
New pool safety legislation going through parliament is full of loopholes and will cause more drownings, the former Children's Commissioner says. [more]

Huge 15-0 win for NZ juniors
The Junior Football Ferns have thrashed Tonga 15-0 at the Oceania Under-20 Women's Championship in Nuku'alofa. [more]

Vanuatu allowing some beche de mer harvesting
Vanuatu's Department of Fisheries has given permission for the commercial harvesting of sea cucumber in the islands affected by Cyclone Pam. [more]

Shell delays drilling in Great South Basin
Oil company Shell has put off deepwater drilling planned off the Otago-Southland coast until at least next year. [more]

Fiji ponders possible mass arrival of asylum seekers
The Fiji Immigration Department says it needs policies and procedures on how to accommodate and facilitate the mass arrival of boat people or asylum seekers. [more]

23 species in CNMI endangered
A total of 23 species of plants and animals in the Northern Marianas and Guam have been listed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service as either threatened or endangered. [more]

Super-drone sprayer comes with risks
The first unmanned helicopter certified to spray chemicals in New Zealand could save farmers thousands of dollars - if certain conditions are met. [more]

Christchurch extortion-accused remanded on bail
A 17-year-old charged with extortion has been remanded on bail. He is accused of sending letters to two families with children at Christchurch's Mount Pleasant School in June, threatening to... [more]

Auckland port study to consider shift to new location
The future of Auckland's port will be looked at in a new report, which will consider everything up to shifting the entire operation to a new location. [more]

A nation of tall cheese-eaters
The Dutch drink a lot of milk, eat a lot of cheese, and are now the tallest people in the world. Could there be a connection? [more]

Fonterra boss offers $4m salary freeze
Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings has asked for his multi-million dollar salary to be frozen but not all farmers are impressed. [more]

War reporter wins military case
War correspondent Jon Stephenson has won a legal battle with the New Zealand Defence Force over his visit to a Kabul base. [more]

Dotcom case: Crown finds original extradition notices
The Crown has found the original notices asking for Kim Dotcom to be extradited to the US, a day after it was unable to produce them at a court hearing. [more]

Elderly man missing in Canterbury
A team of 25 police and volunteers have begun a search for a 74-year-old man missing in mid-Canterbury. Raymond Finnie, who has previously suffered a stroke, has not been seen... [more]

Brazilian policemen filmed using victim's body to fake gunshot
Five Brazilian policemen have been arrested on suspicion of altering a crime scene, after a teenager was killed during a shootout in Rio de Janeiro. The arrests follow the release... [more]

PNG asylum seeker murder case ends, judgement reserved
The trial has ended in Papua New Guinea of two men accused of killing an Iranian asylum seeker, Reza Barati, in the Australian-run detention centre on Manus Island last year. [more]

Turnbull alarmed at Nauru rape allegations
Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Australia is taking a number of steps to work closely with the Nauru government to ensure the safety and the security of all the refugees. [more]

Wrong drugs ordered for Oklahoma execution
A man convicted of ordering the murder of his boss has had his execution postponed at the very last minute, due to uncertainty over the lethal drugs. [more]

IMF head warns of weaker global growth
The head of the International Monetary Fund has warned global growth is likely to be weaker this year than last. [more]

Council to review rules after fence-fort fight
A protracted wrangle over a four-metre-high fence in one of Wellington's more upmarket suburbs has been resolved in favour of the complainants. [more]

No room for Benji again
Former Kiwis skipper Benji Marshall has once again been ignored by the selectors, despite playmaker Kieran Foran withdrawing with injury from the England tour. [more]

Young Kiwis 'in tune' with Chris Brown
Several high-profile Maori women have today called for Chris Brown to be allowed into the country, with Dame Tariana Turia saying her grandchildren believed he could have a positive influence. [more]

Troops retaking Kunduz from Taliban - officials
Afghan officials say they have regained control of key areas of the northern city of Kunduz from the Taliban. [more]

Corrections 'lurching from crisis to crisis' - Greens
Problems at the Corrections Department are far more widespread than those revealed in a new report into the escape to South America of killer Phillip Smith, says the Green Party. [more]

Calls to address shortage of Māori midwives
Wāhine around the country are suffering due to a shortage of Māori midwives, the National Māori Midwives Organisation says. [more]

PNG's Somare lays leadership complaints over 2011 removal
Papua New Guinea's former prime minister, Sir Michael Somare, has laid a complaint of breach of the Leadership Code against 70 current and past MPs. [more]

Indonesian intelligence agency to form Papua peace taskforce
Indonesia's State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is reportedly forming a team called the Papua Peace Task Force to resolve problems in the Papua region peacefully. [more]

Tongan money with former King no longer legal tender
Tongan banknotes and coins depicting the late King Tupou IV are no longer legal tender in the Kingdom. [more]

Vanuatu making millions selling citizenship
Vanuatu's Citizenship Commission Secretary General, John Enock Ware, says millions have been raised in Hong Kong through the sale of honorary citizenship. [more]

PNG deputy PM talks sustainability at UN
Speaking at the United Nations in New York, Papua New Guinea's deputy prime minister Leo Dion has emphasised the government's commitment to sustainable development. [more]

Cooks police to enforce helmet use in motorbike tests
A number of crashes by novice motorcycle riders while undertaking their licence tests in the Cook Islands has prompted police to enforce a new helmet rule. [more]

Body found on Waiheke Island
A body that has been found on Waiheke Island has been there for some time, according to Auckland police. [more]

Preschooler faces deportation from Australia
Internal Affairs is looking into the case of a preschooler facing deportation from Australia because his mother can't pass on her New Zealand citizenship to him. [more]