Radio New Zealand - Sunday, 6th March 2016

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Business News

Early Business News for 7 March 2016
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

RBNZ set to leave cash rate at 2.5 pct, but send dovish message
The Reserve Bank releases its first detailed look at the economy this week, complete with economic and financial market forecasts. [more]

Local businesses anxious on UK-EU future
And the prospect of Britain's exit from the European Union is also an issue for New Zealand businesses as well. [more]

Business agenda
A look ahead at this weeks business agenda. [more]

Morning markets for 7 March 2016
Better-than-expected jobs growth in the United States, gave the markets more confidence that the U.S. Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this year. [more]

Markets Update for 7 March 2016
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Diligent takeover offer fair - independent advisor
The takeover bid for software developer Diligent is fair according to a report from independent advisors. [more]

Majority prefer dealing with government in person - not online
A survey shows nearly two-thirds of New Zealanders prefer the personal touch when it comes to dealing with government, despite the high level of online services on offer. [more]

Jim Parker reports on Senate voting changes
To Australia, where changes to the voting rules for the Senate might end up benefiting businesses. [more]

Midday markets for 7 March 2016
For the latest from the markets we're joined by James Grigor of Macquarie Private Wealth. [more]

Dateline Pacific

Sport: New PNG league coach backed to handle dual roles
PNG Hunters rugby league coach Michael Marum is now in charge of the national team as well. [more]

Logging companies run roughshod in PNG, says MP
The Governor of Oro Province Gary Juffa has accused Papua New Guinea's government of ignoring rampant illegal logging across the country, saying logging companies can operate in the country however they please without obeying the rules. [more]

PNG could see US$80m benefits from seabed mining
A new report says seabed mining could see Papua New Guinea reap economic benefits of 80 million US dollars over two years. [more]

Call for more help for PNG domestic violence victims
The medical aid NGO, Medicins Sans Frontieres, is calling on the PNG government or aid donors to provide improved long term help for the survivors of family and sexual violence. [more]

Pacific receives funding to target cancers in region
Pacific islanders are suffering higher rates of cervical cancer, while betel nut use is driving up oral and throat cancers in the region. [more]

Dateline Pacific morning edition for 7 March 2016
Efforts to curb the region's high cancer rates; lack of services for domestic violence victims in PNG; PNG's government is accused of ignoring rampant illegal logging; A new report looks at the possible financial benefits of seabed mining and PNG Rugby League is confident its coach can juggle two roles. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 7 March 2016
The Government tackles animal cruelty with a call for informants and Dunedin police won't investigate the Dunedin balcony collapse. [more]

Midday Sports News for 7 March 2016
New Zealand have beaten Japan 27-7 in the plate final of the Las Vegas leg of the world rugby sevens series. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Monday 7 March 2016
New high-tech video of the moment a balcony collapsed at a Dunedin student concert show has been released to RNZ. An independent report has slated the NCEA's literacy and numeracy requirements, saying many of the young people who get the qualification don't know enough to function in society. [more]

Sports News for 7 March 2016
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Trump, Clinton continue to dominate US White House race
Another influential day in the race to the White House has seen Donald Trump maintain his dominance in the Republican race but Ted Cruz firmly underlined his position as his main rival. [more]

High costs in drug industry a sign of problems: expert
A New Zealand expert in the development of new anti-cancer medicines says world drug prices are far too high and the system is "broke". [more]

Two students still in hospital after Dunedin balcony collapse
New high-tech video of the weekend Dunedin student concert at which 18 people were injured when a balcony collapsed shows nobody jumping up and down when it failed. [more]

Employer sees poor literacy and numeracy in NCEA graduates
An independent report has suggested replacing the NCEA's literacy and numeracy requirements with a new, separate test. [more]

Sports News for 7 March 2016
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Footage shows students not jumping on balcony when it collapsed
New high-tech video of the moment a balcony collapsed at a Dunedin student concert show has been released to RNZ. [more]

Report slams NCEA literacy and numeracy benchmark
An independent report has slated the NCEA's literacy and numeracy requirements, saying many of the young people who get the qualification don't know enough to function in society. [more]

Landcorp to back off central North Island dairy conversions
The state-owned farmer, Lancorp, is significantly scaling back its ambitious dairy farm conversion plan in the central North Island. [more]

Expert warns of 'insane' pricetag for new cancer drugs
A leading New Zealand cancer researcher says international drug prices are becoming insane and it's a major and growing challenge for Pharmac. [more]

Tiny Stewart Island town welcomes cruise ship
The population of Oban more than quadrupled yesterday with the arrival of the largest cruise ship to ever visit Stewart Island. [more]

Auckland Council staff may be absent from planning talks
The Auckland Council has withdrawn staff from crucial hearings on the future shape of the city, saying its hands are tied by a political revolt ten days ago. [more]

US school kids hold flag vote in homage to NZ poll
And you might think Washington DC's about as far away from the flag debate as you can get. But as our Washington Correspondent Simon Marks found out, New Zealand's referendum is inspiring one group of young people, 14 thousand kilometres away. [more]

Rising cost of new drugs poses challenge for Pharmac
As highlighted earlier this morning by our health reporter Karen Brown, the rising cost of new drugs including cancer treatments is becoming a major challenge for health authorities including Pharmac. [more]

Police recover divers' bodies off Great Barrier Island
Police divers have recovered the bodies of two men who drowned while diving for crayfish near Great Barrier Island on Saturday night. [more]

Former Pitcairn mayor sentenced to 20 months on child abuse
The former mayor of the tiny Pacific Island community of Pitcairn downloaded more than 1000 child-sex images and videos while he was involved in child protection work on the island. [more]

Auckland arts festival enters second week
The 2016 Auckland Arts festival has entered its second week. RNZ's arts reviewer, Justin Gregory, has been taking in what's on offer. [more]

Sports News for 7 March 2016
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Dunedin City Council wants to clean up city's behaviour
Dunedin City Council concedes it needs to address some of the city's student safety issues after Friday night's balcony collapse. [more]

TEC report slates levels of literacy and numeracy from NCEA
An independent report is suggesting literacy and numeracy testing should be reviewed and possibly replaced. Ministry of Education's deputy secretary for Early Learning and Student Achievement,  Lisa Rodger, joins us in the studio   [more]

Key backs Barclay over staff resignations
The Prime Minister John Key is backing his young rookie MP Todd Barclay following the resignation of three of his staff. [more]

TPP explain-all roadshow event around NZ kicks off today
Everything from Intellectual Property to free trade agreements will be canvassed as the explain-all Trans Pacific Partnership roadshow heads around the country. [more]

Auckland Council keeps experts away from unitary plan hearings
Debate gets underway today about Auckland's future....without any council experts. [more]

Paedophile monitoring trust aghast at Corrections' moves
The trust Corrections is depending on to run a programme to stop paedophiles reoffending might quit the work entirely. [more]

Celebration to mark 75 years of women in the Air Force
Almost 200 women, and a few men, gathered at Ohakea Air Base this weekend to celebrate 75 years since the first females joined the Air Force. [more]

Pacific receives funding to target cancers in region
Pacific islanders are suffering higher rates of cervical cancer, while betel nut use is driving up oral and throat cancers in the region. [more]

Phil Kafcaloudes with news from Australia
Time to chat to our Melbourne correspondent Phil Kafcaloudes. [more]

New Horizons

A Tribute to David Bowie - Part One
William Dart presents the first of two tributes to David Bowie, this one taking us through his early career up to 1975's Young Americans. [more]

News in Pacific Languages

News in Samoan for 7 March 2016
The latest news in Samoan language. [more]

News in Tongan for 7 March 2016
The latest news in Tongan language. [more]

News in French for 7 March 2017
The latest news in French language. [more]

Nine To Noon

NCEA minimum literacy and numeracy requirements "too weak"
An independent report written for the Tertiary Education Union, has found that despite meeting the minimum NCEA standards, many school leavers do not have adequate literacy or numeracy skills. Brent Lewis, Principal of Avondale College in Auckland joins us. [more]

Fund running dry for non standard residential UFB connections
20 percent of the country so far has taken up Ultra Fast Broadband as the roll out continues, but there are fears that some of those at the end of the schedule may have to pay for the fibre to be connected to their homes from the street. [more]

Europe correspondent, Seamus Kearney
Seamus Kearney discusses the current issues facing Europe, including the on going refugee crisis. [more]

Boatbuilder and master craftsman, Lionel Jefcoate
When it comes to boat building, Lionel Jefcoate is more than a craftsman, those who've worked with him describe him as an artist.  [more]

Book Review: Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz
Reviewed by Graham Beattie. Published by Penguin Random House. [more]

Political commentators
Matthew Hooton and Stephen Mills discuss how political parties are playing the ongoing stoush over Pharmac drug funding decisions, as well as the heating up of the flag debate. [more]

Getting your children into a lifetime of healthy eating
Where do you start with getting your children to want to eat healthy foods? According to Dunedin nutritionist Wal Herring, it starts with your own attitude to food. She has a Masters of Science in Nutrition and a Bachelor of Physical Education and is mother to three children. Wal Herring's new book Healthy Little Eaters is aimed at helping you create an easier path to getting them to have good eating habits by starting with thinking about how you regard your own relationship with food. [more]

Outdoorsman Kennedy Warne
It's been Seaweek! And Kennedy Warne has been out at sea checking out Mokohinau Islands - one of the most remote coastal groups in the country. [gallery:1825] [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 7 March 2016
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 7 March 2016
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

Standing Room Only

Getting a film made is hard enough when you're an established director, but when you are starting out it can feel like one obstacle after another. Unless you have help. FilmUp is a mentoring programme, created by Script to Screen, which brings together new talent and old hands. Film-maker Michelle Savill was chosen to be matched up with a mentor for her first feature film, and she asked for industry veteran Brita McVeigh. Brita's helped with well over a hundred films, TV and theatre projects. [more]

Emerging designers and the changing face of fashion
This year iD Fashion Week is in its 17th year. Thirty-nine emerging designers from 15 countries will have the opportunity to show their work before a panel of local and international judges. The designers are competing for prize money, internships and the chance to have their collections shown on the runway at iD Fashion Week. Sonia Sly speaks to international guest judge Stefan Siegel about the importance of emerging designers, slow fashion and the changing landscape of the fashion industry; Dunedin-based Sarah Munro from New Zealand label Company of Strangers talks about the playing field that is iD Fashion Week and what she was looking for in the preliminary round of judging; and last year's winner Steve Hall chats about bringing a collection together in a month and the reality of doing the hard yards. [more]

Ceramicist Martin Popplewell
Artist's studios are fascinating places... in nooks and crannies there are often unfinished pieces hidden away from visitors and from the artists themselves. Martin Poppelwell has dusted off much of his unfinished work from the last decade for an exhibition he's calling A Storage Problem. The ceramicist and painter has worked with an architect to create a custom-built stockroom in Auckland's Objectspace where he's displaying work from his Hawkes Bay studio. [more]

The Keeper of Secrets
Julie Thomas found an international readership for her 2013 debut novel The Keeper of Secrets, about a Jewish family the Horovitz's during the Second World War. She's continuing the family story, this time it's not valuable violins at stake but an important painting by Albrecht Durer. In Rachel's Legacy, Julie's also referencing the Red Orchestra which was an anti-Nazi movement in Berlin during World War Two. Rachel's Legacy by Julie Thomas is published by Harper Collins. [more]

NZ On Screen - Lee Tamahori
When it comes to movies, Temuera Morrison is still one of our biggest stars - Once Were Warriors, The River Queen, Mount Zion - and now his latest, Mahana, directed by his old mate Lee Tamahori. Irene Gardiner of NZ On Screen has put together a timely collection of Tem's Greatest Hits. [more]

Sunday Night

Brendan Dugan looks back
Brendan discusses his career to date [more]

Julian O'Brien on Country Calendar
looks at 50 years of the TV show [more]

Frank Torley
Frank Torley looks back at his career [more]

Suzanne Prentice
Talks about her career [more]

Te Ahi Kaa

Andrew Robb - media advisor to the Māori Party
Since his students days at Victoria University in the 1970's, Andrew Robb made a conscious decision to align himself with Māori issues at the time. Māori Language revitilisation was at the forefront. He would go on to surround himself with mentors that would ease his apprehension of being pākeha and moving in a Māori community. Four decades on, Andrew continues to work with Maori, he sits down with Jerome Civitanovich to discuss those early years of his career, and the important advice he learned along the way. [more]

The Sampler

Harmony House by Dave Dobbyn
Nick Bollinger reviews the first album in eight years from Dave Dobbyn. [more]

World & Pacific News

6am Pacific Regional and Sports News for 7 March 2016
The latest Pacific regional and sports news. [more]

7am World, Pacific and Sports News for 7 March 2016
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

8am World, Pacific and Sports News for 7 March 2016
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

9am World, Pacific and Sports News for 7 March 2016
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

10am World, Pacific and Sports News for 7 March 2016
The latest world, Pacific and Sports news. [more]

11am World, Pacific and Sports News for 7 March 2016
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]


Kick Out The Jams: Totems
Interviews and live sets from the New Zealand music underground. This week, we catch up with electronic producer Totems. Video shot and edited by Gussie Larkin and Ezra Simons. [more]

News stories:

Warriors lose opener to Tigers
The Warriors have been beaten 34-26 by Wests Tigers in their opening match of the National Rugby League season at Sydney. [more]

Hansen into sprint quarter-finals
Natasha Hansen has continued her recent good form to qualify for the quarterfinals of the women's sprint competition at the Track Cycling World Championships. [more]

Sissons on track for Rio
The New Zealand triathlete Ryan Sissons has started the 2016 ITU World Series season with a seventh place finish in Abu Dhabi. [more]

NZ falling behind on cancer survival
A new study confirms a lower survival rate for cancer in New Zealand compared to Australia. [more]

Fiji recovery a 'huge task' - NZDF
Fiji has a big recovery task ahead but there is a sense of calm and control in the capital, the New Zealand Defence Force says. [more]

Civil rights, glitter and Australia's PM
At least 300,000 people lined the streets for the annual Sydney Mardi Gras, including, for the first time, Australia's prime minister. [more]

Chch earthquake waste dumper sentenced
A man who illegally dumped Canterbury earthquake waste on a Hororata farm has been sentenced to two months' community detention and 200 hours' community service. Barry Forster transferred at least... [more]

Oamaru Courthouse to re-open
The Oamaru Courthouse is to be reopened and restored, under an agreement reached by the Justice Minister and the Waitaki District Council. The courthouse - built in the late 19th... [more]

Inquiry continues into muddied water in Hawke's Bay
The Hawke's Bay Regional Council says it is continuing a thorough investigation into how silt was discharged into the Waiau River, and the effect it is having on the environment. [more]

Retallick out for six weeks
All Blacks lock Brodie Retallick will miss the next four to six weeks of Super Rugby because of injury. [more]

Rowland Smith clips to win Golden Shears
World champion shearer Rowland Smith won his third Golden Shears Open title in Masterton last night. The 29-year-old Hawke's Bay shearer was the overwhelming favourite to win. Second place went... [more]

Two injured in early morning crash at Paraparaumu
Two people are in a serious condition in Wellington Hospital after a car crash on State Highway 1 at Paraparaumu early this morning. Emergency services were called to the single-car... [more]

Brown and Kessler win NZ Ironman
The Auckland triathlete, Cameron Brown, has bagged his 12th victory at the New Zealand Ironman in Taupo as America's, Meredith Kessler, won her fifth straight title. [more]

Female MP could be Samoa deputy PM for first time
One of four female MPs-elect has been earmarked to be Samoa's deputy prime minister following Friday's general election. [more]

Michael Dann cycles
A test! [more]

Highlanders edge Hurricanes in thriller
Replacement first five-eighth Hayden Parker slotted a late penalty goal to secure the Highlanders a thrilling 17-16 win over the Hurricanes in Dunedin. [more]

Phoenix trounced by Adelaide
Phoenix fans had nothing to cheer about in Wellington on Saturday when their team was thrashed by Adelaide United 4-0. [more]

Top NZ runner grappled with porn addiction
New Zealand's top distance runner, Nick Willis, says he has overcome an addiction to pornography with the help of his wife and family. [more]

Emergency housing trust seeks help
A trust struggling to provide emergency housing in Whangarei says it is heartened by the prospect of a meeting with Housing New Zealand. [more]

Concerns grow for missing Auckland teen
Sativa Lane, 15, was last seen boarding a train in Auckland nearly five days ago, police say. [more]

How high should the minimum wage be set?
The minimum wage should not be set so high that people will be expected to live off it without other help, an economist says. [more]

McCartney soars in Dunedin
For the fifth time in four months, Eliza McCartney has broken her own national pole-vault record and set a new mark in Oceania. [more]

Capital CBD to shut for Goodbye Pork Pie
A large part of central Wellington's business district will be closed over two weekends next month to film the remake of Goodbye Pork Pie. [more]

Walsh dominates in Melbourne
A day after defending his New Zealand shot put title, Tom Walsh, has dominated an IAAF meeting in Melbourne. Two other New Zealanders also topped the podium. [more]

Burying a Trump card
ANALYSIS: Can the Republican Party stop their nemesis, Donald "The Donald" Trump? Phil Smith says they have four main options ... but they're not easy. [more]

Zika could be carried by NZ mosquito
A New Zealand mosquito species could carry the zika virus according to preliminary Brazilian research. [more]

Man barred from filing court cases without permission
A blogger and businessman has been barred from filing court cases without the permission of a High Court Judge. Vincent Siemer is already barred from filing new cases relating to... [more]

Napier port dredging plans criticised
New Zealand should be careful not to over-invest in its ports, major exporters and importers say. [more]

Govt wants balcony collapse investigated
The government has asked for an investigation into whether the balcony which collapsed in Dunedin, injuring 18 students, was up to building standards. [more]

Tobacco also 'an environmental issue'
A smoke-free advocacy group is calling for tobacco companies to be held legally responsible for parts of cigarettes that are unsafe for the environment. [more]

Expert warns over taxing multinationals
Caution is needed over tax changes in New Zealand for multinational corporations such as Facebook, an expert says. [more]

Bodies found of two divers missing off Great Barrier Island
Bodies found of two divers missing off Great Barrier Island [more]

Record influx of tourists to Stewart Island
The population of Oban more than quadrupled today with the arrival of the largest cruise ship to visit Stewart Island. The Pacific Pearl arrived today with more than 1700 passengers... [more]

Australian leaders to act on gay marriage
Some Australian gay marriage advocates are demanding more than a plebiscite on same-sex marriage which the government has agreed to hold if re-elected. [more]

Bodies of two missing divers found
The bodies of two divers have been found after the men went missing off Great Barrier Island overnight. [more]

Fran Wilde resigns from politics
Former MP, Wellington mayor and regional councillor Fran Wilde is calling time on political life this weekend. [more]

US front-runners shrug off setbacks
US presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have maintained their status as front-runners in the latest round of voting for their parties' nominations. [more]

Investigation into Timaru sex attack
A woman sexually assaulted in Timaru early this morning is distressed and now at home, say police. [more]

Three-year-old dies after log rolls onto him
A 3-year-old boy has died after a log rolled onto him in Timaru. It happened about 3pm at a business in Washdyke, an industrial area in the north of Timaru. [more]

'Bike-packers' 3000km NZ trek
When is a race not a race? The Tour Aotearoa bike trek, from Cape Reinga to Bluff, brings a different philosophy to the peloton. [more]

Police investigate hammer attack in Taranaki
A driver has been attacked with a hammer while sitting in his car in Taranaki. Police said it happened outside the Egmont Village Tractor Spares on State Highway 3 just... [more]

NZ beaten by Blitzboks
The coach of the All Blacks Sevens, Sir Gordon Tietjens, says losing 14-7 to South Africa in Las Vegas "wasn't too bad." [more]

Auckland and Wellington reach premiership final
Team Wellington will meet Auckland City in the grand final of New Zealand Football's Premiership. [more]

Black Sticks defeat Malaysia
The Black Sticks Men have recorded a strong 4-1 win over Malaysia in the first of four tests at Blake Park in Tauranga. [more]

Ko 15th in Singapore
The world golf number one, Lydia Ko, has finished the latest event on the LPGA tour in Singapore tied for 15th. [more]

Philippines seizes North Korean ship
The Philippines says it has seized a North Korean ship in line with tightened UN sanctions targeting the country's nuclear programme. [more]