Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 16th March 2016

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Business News

Evening business for 16 March 2016
News from the business sector, including a market report. [more]

Early Business News for 17 March 2016
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Current account deficit as good as it gets?
The current account deficit hit a 12 month low according to official numbers yesterday, but it could be as good as it gets and it could also be a signal that the economy is feeling a few headwinds. [more]

RBNZ says banks cope under severe dairy stress test
An economist says the break-even mark for hard hit dairy farmers may be lower than estimated. [more]

Higher carbon costs make business less viable
The country's major steel producer Blue Scope .. the operator of the Glenbrook mill south of Auckland -- says the removal of the two-for one provision for big carbon dioxide emitters will undermine the viability of the business. [more]

Squirrel raising up to $5 Mln
The mortgage broker and peer-to-peer lender, Squirrel, is using crowdfunding to raise up to 5 million dollars ahead of planned listing on the New Zealand sharemarket, next year. [more]

Morning markets for 17 March 2016
American stocks a touch softer but they've been marking tiome ahead of the Federal Reserve statement which is due in a few minutes. [more]

Markets Update for 17 March 2016
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Economy grows above expectations in Q4
The combined effect of the Federal Reserve statement and our own economic growth numbers have propelled the New Zealand dollar one-and-a-half cents higher against the U.S. dollar this morning, with lesser gains against most other major currencies. [more]

Booming Auckland drives job seekers into the regions
The executive recruitment arm of labour firm, AWF-Madison, says there's a shortage of jobs in the regions as an increasing number of people look to settle outside of Auckland. [more]

Midday Markets for 17 March 2016
For the latest from the markets we're joined by Angus Marks at First NZ Capital [more]

Business briefs
New Zealand Refining says its Marsden Point refinery processed less oil in the first couple of months of the year. [more]


Trump wins Florida, Rubio pulls out of race
Super Tuesday 3 may prove to be the defining day in the US Presidential Primaries. Florida correspondent Steve Mort joins Checkpoint. [more]

Bunnings offers volunteers $12.50 p/h for stocktake
Concerns have been raised about Bunnings' use of volunteers to run their stocktakes. Alex Ashton reports. [more]

Bunnings responds to yesterday's apron-removal protest
Bunnings declined an invitation for interview, but said that their proposal offered staff two weeks' notice on rosters and the opportunity to appeal. [more]

None of SIS 'jihadi brides' actually left from NZ
The Security Intelligence Service has revealed that none of the so-called "jihadi brides" who became headline news last year actually left from New Zealand. [more]

Parliament to consider gun laws
A Parliamentary Select Committee will hold an inquiry into the illegal possession of firearms. Mei Heron reports. [more]

Norway's mass killer sues to end prison isolation
Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik made the Nazi salute in court on the first day of his lawsuit, which argues his solitary confinement in prison defies European human rights. [more]

Emissions clamp-down may have cost for consumers
A Government move to toughen up on climate-damaging emissions means some goods and services may get more expensive. [more]

Trampers concerned DoC tracks could be closed
Tramping groups fear a review of Department of Conservation tracks and huts could mean some routes are closed or left to third parties to maintain. [more]

Ish Sodhi comments on Black Caps' opening victory
The Black Caps' extraordinary win against India in the opening game of the T20 World Cup was audacious and triumphant. RNZ's Joe Porter spoke to Ish Sodhi after the match. [more]

No verdict in naval assault case
A military panel in the navy indecent assault case has been unable to reach a verdict. [more]

Russian military pilots return from Syria
Russian military pilots have returned to a hero's welcome in Russia after President Vladimir Putin announced it would withdraw its military presence in Syria. [more]

NZ Rugby announces half-million loss
New Zealand Rugby has announced a loss for the 2015 year of $463,000 - half of what had been projected. [more]

Some New Zealanders having beer for breakfast
A Sanitarium survey has revealed the questionable breakfasting habits of some New Zealanders. Tom Furley reports. [more]

Sports News for 16 March 2016
The Super rugby season is only three weeks old but it's already over for All Blacks winger Nehe Milner-Skudder. [more]

Marco Rubio announces suspension of campaign
Today's US Primaries may have brought clarity to the final Republican and Democratic nominees. The Guardian's Sabrina Siddiqui joins Checkpoint. [more]

First Union outraged that volunteers doing work
Now, back to Bunnings paying volunteers less than minimum wage to do its stocktake - as part of what it calls a 'fundraising opportunity.' [more]

Actress appeals for refugee and migrant support
Actress and Humanitarian Angelina Jolie has appealed to the world's governments to show leadership in dealing with the migrant and refugee crisis. [more]

Faux free trade hurting New Zealand companies
A timber exporter says China has been skirting around the free trade agreement with New Zealand ever since it was signed , and he's worried about future trade deals leaving local businesses at a disadvantage. [more]

Fiji Rugby International Seru Rabeni dies at 37
The former Fiji and Highlanders rugby player, Seru Rabeni, is being remembered as a "cheerful team man, who was full of life". [more]

Dateline Pacific

Fiji Rugby International Seru Rabeni dies at 37
The Pacific rugby community remembers former Fiji international Seru Rabeni, who died of a heart attack at the age of 37. [more]

Signs of political shifts in PNG ahead of 2017 elections
A Papua New Guinea opposition grouping, the Pangu Pati, says it is joining forces with a main party from the governing coalition, the People's Progress Party for next year's general election. It's another sign of discontent in the coalition with the leadership of prime minister Peter O'Neill and his People's National Congress party. [more]

Fiji counts cost of Winston
In Fiji engineers and assessors are counting the cost of the damage to roads and infrastructure caused by Cyclone Winston. [more]

Dateline Pacific evening edition for 16 March 2016
Sixty-four million dollar road damage estimated as Fiji counts the cost of Winston; Signs of political shifts in PNG ahead of 2017 elections; Norfolk Island businessman urges Canberra rethink; PNG Highlands Bishop leads call to combat sorcery violence; And in Sport: Fiji Rugby International Seru Rabeni dies at 37. [more]

Female Pacific artists revive lost culture art forms
Female artists from around the Pacific region are reviving lost cultural art forms and reinventing creative traditions that have existed for generations. [more]

Solomons prepare for Family Protection Act
Safe havens for victims of family violence and the police in the Solomon Islands say demand for their services will grow when the Family Protection Act becomes Law. [more]

Former Nauru Presidents plea for international observers
The two former leaders of Nauru say international observers are vitally needed on the island after the government made changes to the Electoral Act that they say threaten the country's democracy. [more]

Dateline Pacific morning edition for 17 March 2016
Former Nauru Presidents plea for international observers; Solomons prepare for Family Protection Act; Female Pacific artists revive lost cultural art forms; Sixty-four million dollar road damage estimated as Fiji counts the cost of Winston; PNG Highlands Bishop leads call to combat sorcery violence; And in Sport: Fiji Rugby International Seru Rabeni dies at 37. [more]

In Parliament

Today in Parliament for 16 March 2016
Finance Minister, Bill English, laments the departure of "sensible". Russel Norman from the Greens leadership as the government and opposition continue their argument over the impact of lower milk prices and the appropriate response - if any. Labour's calls for action on banks is ridiculed by National who accuse them of going back to the 70s. In the committee rooms, more submissions on a member's bill that would increase paid parental leave to 26 weeks. [more]

The Day In Parliament for 17 March 2016 - morning edition
Members' Day sees the Environmental Protection Authority (Protection of Environment) Amendment Bill in the name of Labour's Meka Whaitiri fail to pass second reading by 62 votes to 59, with the Maori Party siding with ACT & National to oppose it; Alfred Ngaro's Local Government (Auckland Council) Amendment Bill (No 3) passes by 109 votes to 12; Privileges Committee reports back on 3 questions on privilege relating to reflections on the Speaker; Bill English gets personal in the General Debate; Select Committee hears submissions on Sue Moroney's latest Paid Leave Bill. [more]

Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm

US Politics - Jackie Kucinich
It's another big day in US politics, as five states have been voting in the primaries. The polls have closed in North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Illinois and Missouri. And today could shore up the front-runners. Jackie Kucinich is senior politics editor at The Daily Beast. [more]

Whale With A Bad Tail - Mike Morriser
A whale of a tale with a whale missing part of its tail off the coast of Kaikoura.Department of Conservation staff are perplexed by sightings of a seven metre humpback whale which appears to have most of its flukes missing on it's tail. There have been several sightings of the mammal which is thought to be about two to three years old. Kaikoura DOC ranger Mike Morriser has more on the whale tale. [more]

A Taste Of Africa - Chris Berry
For more than 20 years Chris has blasted his powerful Afro-infused sound around the world rocking audiences at New York's Irving Plaza and playing to sold out stadiums in South Africa and the Sydney Opera House. On Saturday he'll be in more humble surroundings bringing his unique musical style to the tiny settlement of Port Waikato, which is home to just 300 permanent residents. Chris Berry joins Jesse to tell him more about his music which in large part originates from the decade he spent in Zimbabwe. [more]

Sound Archives - Sarah Johnston
New Zealand's test cricket history began way back in 1930 when we first played a full England side, but by early 1956 we were still yet to win a test. That all changed 60 years ago last Sunday, when we beat the touring West Indies side at Eden Park in our first ever cricket test victory. Recordings of radio coverage of that epic event are held in the archives of Nga Taonga Sound & Vision. [more]

Favourite Album - The Complete Recordings - Robert Johnson
The Complete Recordings - Robert Johnson. [more]

Auckland Arts Festival 2016 - Justin Gregory
There are only a few days left in the 2016 Auckland Arts Festival. Justin Gregory talks Big Mouth, the Atamira Dance Company and New Zealand opera Brass Poppies. [more]

Bookmarks - Ian Taylor
On Bookmarks this afternoon a man whose company is internationally recognised for its work in computer animation. He was inducted into the New Zealand technology hall of fame in 2009, the following year North & South magazine named him their New Zealander of the year and in the 2012 New Years honours he was appointed a Companion of The New Zealand Order of merit. [more]

Geoffonomics - Geoff Simmons
So far this year most world sharemarkets have fallen - the US is down 5% and at one stage had dropped 12%. Are we seeing the signs of another crash? [more]

The Wireless Preview - Mava Moayyed
Mava Moayyed has been working on a feature about drinking for RNZ's online magazine, The Wireless. [more]

History - Grant Morris
The legal historian Dr Grant Morris has been looking at the history of New Zealand's drinking culture. [more]

Late Edition

Late Edition Wednesday 16 March
In Late Edition tonight, The cost of credit,Sister Teresa to become a saint and in Dateline Pacific Fiji's 64 million dollar roading question posed by cyclone winston. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 17 March 2016
The Commerce Commission is investigating revelations a major building product manufacturer has been using false certificates for the last four years. Anti-sugar campaigners hope the introduction of a tax on sugary drinks in Britain will make the idea more palatable in this country. [more]

Midday Sports News for 17 March 2016
Andrew McFadden, says the National Rugby League judiciary system needs an overhaul. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for Thursday 17 March 2016
One of the country's biggest steel manufacturing companies makes a false claim about the strength testing of one of its products. An inquiry into how criminals are getting illegal guns is announced, we'll hear what the the Police Association thinks about it and the Government is being accused of misleading the public over New Zealand jihadi brides. [more]

Sports News for 17 March 2016
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Obama nominates Merrick Garland for U.S. Supreme Court
The US President Barack Obama has chosen Merrick Garland as his nominee to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Sca lia. [more]

Foreign Minister not resiling from comments about Israel
The Foreign Minister is making no apology for blaming Israeli settlements for the break down of the Middle East peace process. [more]

False testing certificates found on vital building product
One of the country's biggest steel manufacturers has been selling seismic-strength reinforcing mesh falsely certified as being tested by a top independent laboratory. [more]

Intention of Government's law change disputed
The Government is planning to change the law so councils can work more closely together and deliver cost-savings to ratepayers. [more]

Sports News for 17 March 2016
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Quake-reinforcing mesh wrongly certified as tested by top lab
One of the country's biggest steel manufacturers has been selling critical earthquake-reinforcing mesh falsely certified as having been tested by a top laboratory. [more]

Police assn says MPs in for shock in gun inquiry
MPs have granted the Police Minister Judith Collins' wish for a Parliamentary investigation into the growing firepower of New Zealand's criminals. [more]

Collins says gun inquiry timely
And listening to that was the Police Minister Judith Collins [more]

Trump knocks Rubio out of race, Republicans in turmoil
Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have increased their lead in the race to the White House [more]

Govt not using 'amalgamation' term when describing new reforms
The Government has been careful to avoid using the term 'amalgamation' when describing its new local government reforms. [more]

Misled? NZ's 'Jihadi brides' were living in Australia
The Government is being accused of misleading the public over New Zealand jihadi brides. [more]

Anti-sugar campaigner welcomes UK sugar tax
Britain has announced a new tax on sugar in soft drinks as part of its plan to tackle childhood obesity. [more]

NZ Festival draws to a close but much still on offer
Two-time Grammy winner d'Angelo takes centre stage tonight at the New Zealand Festival which is now in its last days. [more]

Sports News for 17 March 2016
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Quake-reinforcing mesh wrongly certified as tested by top lab
One of the country's biggest steel manufacturers has been selling earthquake-reinforcing mesh wrongly certified as having been tested by a top laboratory. [more]

Regions vulnerable in dairy downturn
The Reserve Bank says the banking sector is well placed to deal with losses on loans to dairy farmers who will struggle to repay them because of falling world prices. [more]

Akl passengers to get free rides on Eastern line today
Industrial action with a difference in Auckland today, as thousands of bus passengers will be able to ride for free. [more]

No proof of any Jihadi brides leaving NZ
None of the so-called jihadi brides the Security Intelligence Service said had travelled to Isis-controlled areas in the Middle East had been living in New Zealand at the time. [more]

Trump warns of riots if he isn't nominated as GOP candidate
The US billionaire, Donald Trump, has said he thinks there'll be riots, if the Republican party fails to nominate him to run for president. [more]

Labour says restaurants should hire locally
The Prime Minister, John Key, has rejected Labour's call for tighter immigration rules for semi-skilled migrants. [more]

Apprentice numbers booming
Universities are facing falling enrolments by school-leavers, but the number of people learning a trade is booming. [more]

Detainee supporters embark on 42-day road trip
Families and supporters of the New Zealanders being detained on character grounds in Australia are taking their frustration to the roads today. [more]

USAR team returns from Fiji
Members of the Fire Service's Urban Search and Rescue team have just returned from Fiji where they've been providing disaster relief to victims of Cyclone Winston. [more]

Big names confirmed for Auckland Writers Festival
Groundbreaking American feminist Gloria Steinem, last year's Booker Prize winner Marlon James and the eccentric British comedian and conservationist Bill Oddie will be among the big names taking part in next month's Auckland Writers Festival. [more]

News in Pacific Languages

News in Samoan for 17 March 2016
The latest news in Samoan language. [more]

News in Niuean for 17 March 2016
The latest news in Niuean language. [more]


Plight of the Rohingya
an update on the struggles and migration crisis of the Rohingya people from the Rakhine state of Myanmar - with Matthew Smith executive director of Fortify Rights, who is currently attending a Human Rights Council session in Geneva, Switzerland... [more]

Nights Overseas Report - Canada
it's the second-largest country by total area and the northernmost country of the North America continent, journalist for Medicine Hat News, Peggy Revell reports from Canada, pop. 35,675,834 (est. 2014)... a framework for climate change is being established at the political level; the debate over building an "energy east" pipeline; a move towards allowing physician-assisted death; and the 25,000th Syrian refugee has arrived... [more]

Conundrum clue five for Weds 16 March
Conundrum clue five Weds 16 March [more]

Conundrum clue six Weds 16 March
Conundrum Clue six Weds 16 March [more]

Nine To Noon

Calls for inquiry into false certification of steel mesh
The Home Owners and Buyers Association, HOBANZ, says a high level inquiry into the false certification of steel mesh by a major manufacturer is needed. Steel and Tube has for four years been selling earthquake-reinforcing mesh - wrongly certified as having been tested by a top laboratory, when in fact the mesh sold has been tested in-house. HOBANZ president John Gray says the revelations call into question the whole certification regime. [more]

NZ's top UN diplomat discusses the push for peace in Syria
Gerard van Bohemen is New Zealand's permanent representative to the United Nations. He discusses the difference New Zealand is making on the Security Council, a body which is often criticized for its limited powers to act decisively on international matters of security. This week marks the fifth anniversary of Syria's descent into chaos. It began with anti-government protests but soon became a nationwide civil war. Estimates put the total number of people who've died in that time at over 400 thousand. [more]

Winners - losers of the pivotal 'Ides of March' US primaries
It's was billed as the most decisive day of the U.S. presidential primary season so far. Has it delivered? It was another very big night for the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump who won Florida, North Carolina and Illinois. On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton has solidified her lead over Bernie Sanders, winning Ohio, Illinois, Florida and North Carolina. Brad Blakeman is a Professor at Georgetown University and a former Republican Strategist and member of President George W. Bush's Senior Staff. [more]

UK correspondent Jon Dennis
A tax on sugary drinks. Top Gear apology. [more]

Psychotherapist Susie Orbach - Fat is Still a Feminist Issue
Susan Orbach is a psychotherapist and author of the acclaimed Fat is a Feminist Issue, which was published for the first time in 1978. Since that time it's never been out of print - underscoring the point she makes in an updated version of the book - that fat is STILL a feminist issue. But as her 2009 book Bodies points out, males too are susceptible to the pressures of being thin and the rampant commercialisation of the body. Whether it is the fashion, media, music, food, diet or fitness industries - there is no room for "fat". Susie Orbach is attending the Auckland Writers Festival in May. [more]

Book Review - The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle
Reviewed by John King, published by Penguin Random House. [more]

New Technology with Sarah Putt
Why Microsoft has announced it will open its gaming platform Xbox One to cross-network play, paying by selfie, and the most dangerous writing App in the world. [more]

Al Vernacchio: changing the way we talk to teens about sex
Al Vernacchio is a US based Sexuality educator, consultant and author. He says many of us are getting it very wrong in the way we talk to teens about sex. First, he says, is the problem with the language around sex - which is riddled with sporting metaphors like "scoring" which he says frames sex as a competition, with a winner and a loser. The second issue, is what he calls the disaster model, where sex education starts from a place where sex is seen as a dangerous thing -with terrible consequences. Al Vernacchio has lectured, published articles, and held workshops throughout the US on sexuality topics. He has given TED Talks, and his blog, "For Goodness Sex", can be found on the Psychology Today website. He is the author of For Goodness Sex: Changing the Way We Talk to Young People About Sexuality, Values, and Health published by Harper-Collins. He teaches at Friends' Central School in Wynnewood, Pensylvannia. [more]

Paul Casserly's viewing picks
Will we ever reach peak Trump? Sacha Baron Cohen does something unspeakable to the Donald in his latest movie Grimbsy, while Bill Maher and Sarah Silverman compare him to Hitler with varying degrees of success. Also, the charms of ex Daily Show reporter Samantha Bee, who has a fresh approach to the Trump phenomenon. [more]

Our Changing World

Southern right whales back from brink of extinction
Whaling in the 1800s nearly caused the extinction of southern right whales around New Zealand, and the population is slowly recovering from a low of just 110-or-so animals in the 1920s. [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 16 March 2016
1. ANDREW LITTLE to the Prime Minister: What were the estimates given to him in his conversations with banks about the number of dairy farmers that are likely to go into receivership and leave the land? 2. JAMES SHAW to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements? 3. NUK KORAKO to the Minister of Finance: What steps is the Government taking to help keep interest rates lower for longer? 4. JACINDA ARDERN to the Minister for Small Business: Does he believe that the statement by the Prime Minister yesterday that New Zealand “is a highly diversified economy” and “business confidence is strong” applies to small businesses? 5. FLETCHER TABUTEAU to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his answers in relation to Oral Question No. 2 in the House yesterday? 6. Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement, “The single-biggest gainers out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership are dairy farmers”? 7. IAN McKELVIE to the Minister for Economic Development: What is the Government doing to encourage economic growth? 8. CHRIS HIPKINS to the Minister of Education: Why did she say yesterday that “we will not be interested in how we stigmatise children” as part of the school funding review when she said less than a minute earlier that the current decile system was unhelpful because it stigmatised low-decile schools? 9. MATT DOOCEY to the Minister for Social Development: How is low inflation supporting a real increase in superannuation? 10. IAIN LEES-GALLOWAY to the Minister of Immigration: Is the Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme working for New Zealand and for the temporary migrants who work under the scheme? 11. MAUREEN PUGH to the Minister for Small Business: How are small businesses benefiting from Government policies that are contributing to lower interest rates? 12. RICHARD PROSSER to the Minister of Trade: What trade benefits has the Government negotiated for New Zealand’s forestry industry? [more]

Radio New Zealand YouTube

Stunt Kites
Stunt Kites at thw 2016 Otaki Kite Festival [video: Jesse Easton] [more]

Kite Buggy
Kite Buggy on beach at Otaki Kite Festival 2016 [video: Jesse Easton] [more]

Bunnings offers volunteers $12.50 p/h for stocktake: RNZ Checkpoint
Concerns have been raised about Bunnings' use of volunteers to run their stocktakes. Alex Ashton reports. [more]

Trampers concerned DoC tracks could be closed: RNZ Checkpoint
Tramping groups fear a review of Department of Conservation tracks and huts could mean some routes are closed or left to third parties to maintain. [more]

RNZ Checkpoint with John Campbell, Wednesday 16th March 2016
This channel is used to live-stream Checkpoint with John Campbell - RNZ's multi-platform drive-time news and current affairs programme, tackling the national and international stories of the day. [more]

Trump wins Florida, Rubio pulls out of race: RNZ Checkpoint
Super Tuesday 3 may prove to be the defining day in the US Presidential Primaries. Florida correspondent Steve Mort joins Checkpoint. [more]

Tiny Ruins, Hamish Kilgour and Gary Hunt - 'Tread Softly'
Tiny Ruins, Hamish Kilgour and Gary Hunt perform 'Tread Softly', live in session at RNZ, for Music 101. Hear the full session here: Audio: Andre Upston Camera Operator: Zac Arnold [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 17 March 2016
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 17 March 2016
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]

The Panel

Panel Pre-Show - Jesse & Jim & Zara
What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts. [more]

The Panel with Penny Ashton and Mike Williams (Part 1)
What the panelists Penny Ashton and Mike Williams have been up to;P contamination;Laws to regulate interest rates;US primaries;Covert eavesdropping on dog. [more]

Panel Intro
What the Panelists Penny Ashton and Mike Williams have been up to. [more]

P contamination
Housing NZ houses contaminated with P - are the numbers working in favour of the private decontamination companies' favour?   [more]

Laws to regulate interest rates
Labour leader Andrew Little has touted the prospect of legislating interest rates if banks ignore OCR cuts. [more]

US primaries
Clinton and Trump are on top so far in the US super Tuesday 2. Journalist Brent Budowsky discusses today's presidential run-off results. [more]

Covert eavesdropping on dog
The Christchurch City Council is in trouble after planting dog listening devices on a property without the residents' knowledge. [more]

The Panel with Penny Ashton and Mike Williams (Part 2)
Entertaining in isolation;What the Panelists Penny Ashton and Mike Williams have been thinking about;On the road;Hyde St Party;Flag designs;Cold Turkey. [more]

Entertaining in isolation
The widespread use of headphones means that we're not sharing our entertainment with others as much as we used to. [more]

Panel Says
What the Panelists Penny Ashton and Mike Williams have been thinking about. [more]

On the road
Automotive analyst Dave Moore discusses speed limits, SUVs and Lewis Hamilton. [more]

Hyde St Party
Otago Uni's Students' Association is under fire for not providing enough tickets for the Hyde St Party. [more]

Flag designs
What makes a good national flag design? [more]

Cold Turkey
A new study says cold Turkey is the most effective way to stop smoking. [more]

The Wireless

Weekly Listening: Average Rap Band, PJ Harvey, Mermaidens and more
All that's good in music this week, including songs from Average Rap Band, PJ Harvey, Mermaidens, Bat For Lashes and more. [more]

Choices I have made
We've all faced tough decisions. Ladi6, Dominic Hoey, David Farrier and Courtney Sina Meredith share some of theirs. [more]

Gloria Steinem to appear at Auckland Writers Festival
The full Auckland Writers Festival line-up has been announced. [more]

Live session: Aldous Harding
Aldous Harding performs live at Auckland's Whammy Bar. [more]

Smoking and drinking: what's the difference?
While the Government has been successful in tackling one, is it failing with the other? [more]

The Bachelor NZ: 'I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way'
For season two of The Bachelor, there’s a Force and a Dark Side. And, most bizarrely, it’s delineated by hair colour. [more]

The World in Sport

World in Sport for 16 March 2016
Tributes are flowing in for the former Fiji rugby international Seru Rabeni, who has died at the age of 37; Vanuatu's star volleyball duo to appear in a new documentary; A new Fiji Bati coach is appointed; Upgrades in PNG for the Under 20 Football World Cup; And we talk to Tonga's Olympic-bound taekwondo star. [more]


The Chorus, Oedipus
Sophocles' Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex is being reinterpreted by a contemporary South Korean theatre company. Juliette Sivertsen goes behind the scenes to meet those responsible for The Chorus, Oedipus being staged at Auckland Arts Festival this week. [more]

Tobias Jundt and Steven Templar
Tobias Jundt and Steven Templar are among the hundreds performing at CubaDupa. We find out what Wellington's answer to Mardi Gras will pan out like this weekend. [more]

Peter Mechen
Peter Mechen reviews the NZSO programme Relict Furies at New Zealand Festival featuring a new work by Wellington composer Gareth Farr. [more]

Gillian Whitehead
New Zealand composer Gillian Whitehead talks about Britain's preeminent composer Peter Maxwell Davies who has died. Gillian was his student and then friend and talks about helping the composer with the last minute work to get his ground breaking mono drama Eight Songs for a Mad King premiered in 1969. [more]

World & Pacific News

1:29pm Pacific Regional News for 16 March 2016
Thelatest Pacific regional news. [more]

4pm Pacific Regional News for 16 March 2016
The latest Pacific regional news. [more]

8pm Pacific Regional News for 16 March 2016
The latest Pacific regional news. [more]

6am Pacific Regional and Sports News for 17 March 2016
Thye latest Pacific regional and sports news. [more]

7am World, Pacific and Sports News for 17 March 2016
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

8am World, Pacific and Sports News for 17 March 2016
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

News in Tongan for 17 March 2016
The latest news in Tongan language. [more]

9am World, Pacific and Sports News for 17 March 2016
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

10am World, Pacific and Sports News for 17 March 2016
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

11am World, Pacific and Sports News for 17 March 2017
The latest world, Pacific and sports news. [more]

Writers Week 2016

Andrew O'Hagan: Illuminations
Nominated for the Man Booker Prize, Illuminations is the fifth novel from Andrew O’Hagan and explores the balance between family and war, memory and loss. He speaks to New Zealand Books co-editor Harry Ricketts. [more]


Farewell to Chick's Hotel
Reflections on the closure of Dunedin music venue Chick's Hotel and what it means for the city. Story produced by Loulou Callister-Baker / Video filmed and edited by John Bollen. [more]

News stories:

Vettori given MCC life membership
Former Black Caps captain Daniel Vettori has been awarded Honorary Life Membership by the famous Marylebone Cricket Club. [more]

One dead in house fire in Bay of Plenty
One person is dead after a farm cottage in Poroporo, near Whakatane, caught fire overnight. [more]

Little is 'ignorant' about banking - Key
The Prime Minister has ridiculed Labour leader Andrew Little's idea of strong-arming banks to lower interest rates. [more]

Kids could be stigmatised by new school funding - Labour
Structuring school funding according to whether or not children are deemed "at risk" could stigmatise those children, the government has been warned. [more]

Norwegian mass killer sues over isolation
Mass killer Anders Behring Breivik has claimed in court that Norway is violating his human rights by keeping him in isolation for murdering 77 people in 2011. [more]

Sharapova dropped as goodwill ambassador
Maria Sharapova has been suspended as a goodwill ambassador by the United Nations after the former world No.1 admitted she had tested positive for the banned substance meldonium at this year's Australian Open. [more]

Wayne Smith signs on with All Blacks
Wayne Smith has committed his future to the All Blacks after being persuaded to stay by head coach Steve Hansen. [more]

NZ opposition caucus taskforce to Tuvalu and Kiribati
A taskforce from the caucus of New Zealand's opposition Labour party will next week visit Tuvalu and Kiribati. [more]

McCully criticises Israeli settlements
New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully is singling out Israel, blaming it for undermining the Middle East Peace Process. [more]

Man dies after being hit by train in Taihape
A man has died after being struck by a train in the central North Island in the early hours of this morning. The police say they are at the scene... [more]

Kermadec Ocean Sancutary Bill passes first reading
The government's bill to establish a massive sanctuary around the Kermadec Islands has passed its first reading unanimously. Environment Minister Nick Smith told Parliament the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary would be... [more]

Safe escape after house fire in Puketitiri
Fire crews were called to a house fire in Hawke's Bay early this morning. The fire service says a property in Puketitiri, north of Napier, was engulfed in flames when... [more]

Kidnapped Pakistani teen and mum can't stay in NZ
A teen who was kidnapped in Pakistan and his mother who had to live under armed guard have lost their appeal to stay in New Zealand. [more]

White Ferns off to winning start in T20 World Cup
The White Ferns have opened their World Twenty20 campaign with a comfortable seven wicket victory over Sri Lanka in Delhi. [more]

Former Highlander dies aged 37
Former Fijian centre Seru Rabeni, renowned for his bruising tackles and powerful running, has died at the age of 37. [more]

Signs of cracks in PNG coalition government
PNG's deputy opposition leader says the wheels are starting to come off the Peter O'Neill-led coalition government. [more]

Waratahs won't stand in Beale's way
NSW Waratahs won't stand in Kurtley Beale's way as odds firm on the Wallabies' star backline utility packing his bags for Europe at the end of the Super Rugby season. [more]

New 'climate change refugee' case
A man from Tuvalu has become the latest person from the Pacific to argue climate change factors should be considered in his bid for refugee status. [more]

Apple exporter gets new China-based shareholder
Chinese interests have bought a 15.4 percent stake in apple grower exporter Scales Corporation. [more]

Why are credit card rates still so high?
Banks are being criticised for keeping credit card interest rates at nearly 20 percent despite general interest rates being at their lowest in decades. [more]

Defence aims to tackle 'sexist' culture
A rape victim who pushed for changes to the way the Defence Force deals with sexual complaints wants them dealt with independently. [more]

Operation Tautai infringements under investigation
The authorities in the Cook Islands are investigating a number of fishing infringements following this month's successful joint maritime surveillance mission Operation Tautai. [more]

Mother Teresa to be declared saint in September
The Roman Catholic nun will be declared a saint on 4 September, Pope Francis has announced. [more]

Auckland Transport in negotiations for new HQ
Auckland Council's transport agency, Auckland Transport, is considering moving its headquarters to the Victoria Park offices being vacated by Vodafone. The transport agency said it was in commercial negotiations over... [more]

New Indiana Jones film on the way
Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg are teaming up for a new Indiana Jones film, due for release in July 2019. [more]

Humpback whale's tail of woe
Conservation staff are bewildered by how a whale seen off Kaikoura has lost most of its tail. [more]

Black Caps serve up 'humble pie' - Indian media
The Indian media has heavily criticised the home side in the wake of their shock first up loss to New Zealand in the Twenty20 cricket world cup in India. [more]

Coast guard investigates ferry damage in American Samoa
The US Coast Guard is investigating how the MV Sili suffered damage during its last trip to American Samoa's Manu'a late last week. [more]

Vanuatu conspiracy case decision early April
Vanuatu's chief magistrate will deliver a decision on 7th April on whether a conspiracy case involving the deputy prime minister, Joe Natuman, will proceed. [more]

Pocock to take sabbatical from Wallabies
Wallabies flanker David Pocock has re-signed with the Australian Rugby Union and Brumbies for three years, but will take a sabbatical from the game in 2017. [more]

The end of the white gold rush
OPINION: The dairy export boom has ended, leaving many farmers deep in debt. Toby Manhire and Toby Morris plunge into the details. [more]

Fiji counts cost of Winston
Engineers and assessors in Fiji are counting the cost of the damage to roads and infrastructure caused by Cyclone Winston. [more]

Matulino cleared by NRL
The Warriors forward, Ben Matulino, has been cleared of a shoulder charge by the National Rugby League judiciary. [more]

GCSB gets new director
Andrew Hampton is to be the new director of the Government Communications Security Bureau. [more]

Sport: Fiji to select all-local team for Hong Kong Sevens
The Fiji sevens team will selected a locally-based squad for next month's tournament Hong Kong as they ramp up preparations for the Rio Olympics. [more]

Man trapped in Southland silo
A man is in a serious condition after being trapped in a grain silo in Southland this morning. [more]

Fonterra confirms closure of Kaikoura site
Fonterra has confirmed the permanent closure of its Kaikoura site which will result in the loss of 22 staff. [more]

Only UK wharenui languishing under tarpaulins
The only Māori meeting house in Britain is in desperate need of repair, and is currently being sheltered by a couple of tarpaulins. [more]

Unease in Northland over threat to rail
The Northland region will lose all rail services unless a new line is built to Northport at Marsden Point, says a group trying to save rail in the north. [more]

Cyclists want cycleway to be 'given a chance'
Cyclists are pleading for the Wellington City Council to keep a newly-built cycleway in Island Bay. [more]

Tertiary charter plan a bad idea, PPTA says
Tertiary institutions shouldn't be allowed to set up charter schools, the Post Primary Teachers Association has told a select committee. [more]

Penguins could shed light on what's happening at sea
Melbourne researchers hope a colony of little penguins at Phillip Island will help reveal what is happening in the ocean between Australia and New Zealand. [more]

Govt's irrigation plan has DairyNZ backing
DairyNZ is backing the government's decision to invest millions of dollars in irrigation, saying people should not complain because dairy has a positive future in New Zealand. [more]

China accused of unfair play on forestry
China is getting all the advantages from the Free Trade Agreement with this country, the Wood Council says. [more]

Former Fiji international Seru Rabeni dies at 37
Tributes are flowing in for the former Fiji rugby international Seru Rabeni, who has died. [more]

Global dairy prices drop overnight
International dairy prices have fallen in the latest auction, with New Zealand analysts pointing the finger at a "huge volume of milk" coming out of Europe. [more]

Black Caps win World T20 opener
The Black Caps have stunned hosts India by 47 runs in the opening match of the World Twenty20 tournament in Nagpur. [more]

Solomons concerned about abuses in West Papua
Solomon Islands has raised concern about human rights violations in the Indonesian Province of West Papua at the UN Human Rights Council. [more]

Sport: PNG Hunters close to full strength for home debut
The Papua New Guinea Hunters are close to full strength for their first home match of the season, against Tweed Heads Seagulls. [more]

Nickel Fund pays stressed New Caledonians
The New Caledonian government says it will disburse 5.5 million US dollars of a special Nickel Fund this year to help exporters and contractors. [more]

Niue internet domain manager says some grants stay
The organisation which manages Niue's, (.nu), internet domain name says it will continue to provide some aid to the island from the profits. [more]

Auckland commuters to get free bus ride after industrial action
Some Auckland commuters may get a free bus ride tomorrow, as some drivers take further industrial action. The First Union said more than 100 drivers from Howick and Eastern Buses... [more]

Drug addicts would be forced into treatment under new bill
Legislation that would force some drug addicts to go into compulsory treatment has had its first reading in Parliament. The bill is part of the government's action plan to tackle... [more]

Volunteer firefighter sues Fire Service
The Fire Service is being sued for allegedly unlawfully investigating a volunteer firefighter and defaming him. [more]

Father joins son in jail for drug crime
A man who admitted his involvement in a major drug growing operation in Wellington has been sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison. [more]

Filipino visa fraud case heads to sentence indication hearing
The case of a woman facing multiple charges of visa fraud involving Filipino dairy workers is to go to a sentence indication hearing. Loraine Jayme, 35, appeared in Hamilton District... [more]

Credit card rates 'don't seem fair'
Consumers are calling on credit card rates to drop and reflect the country's lowest ever interest rates. [more]

Man charged after woman fatally hit by car
A man has been charged following the death of a 55-year-old woman who was struck by a car in Wellington last night. [more]

Crown acknowledges 'unfortunate episodes’ in NZ history
Parliament has been sitting under extended hours today to progress three treaty settlement bills. [more]

NZ mechanics start on Fiji electricity repairs
New Zealand mechanics have started repairing cyclone damage to Fiji's electricity equipment. [more]

Some Fiji sugar farmers have lost everything
The Lautoka Cane Producers Association in Fiji says while some farmers will be able to harvest up to 60 percent of their sugar cane crop, others have lost everything. [more]

Suspects on the run after Belgium terror raid
Brussels remains on high alert as a major police operation continues following a raid linked to November's Islamist attacks in Paris. [more]

Trump wins CNMI Republican caucus
Donald Trump has won the Republican caucus in the Northern Marianas. [more]

No selections made in Siaumau trial in American Samoa
In American Samoa at the end of the first day of jury selection in the case of murder defendant Siaumau Siaumau Jr, not a single juror was selected from the pool of close to 120. [more]

Banks will survive dairy downturn - RB
The Reserve Bank is confident the banking system can cope with a severe downturn in the dairy sector. [more]

400 state homes contaminated with P
Hundreds of Housing New Zealand homes are contaminated with methamphetamine, including four which were built only last June. [more]

New Kiribati cabinet ministers sworn in
Ten ministers in Kiribati's new 12 member cabinet, along with the country's attorney-general, have been sworn in. [more]

Northland fights back against KiwiRail cutback
The Rail and Maritime Union is organising a public meeting in Whangarei over the end of rail freight north of Kauri. KiwiRail is ending its contract with the Marusumi chipmill... [more]

Foreign buyers not needed, Peters says
The sale of 10 Northland farms to a New Zealand buyer shows foreign buyers are not needed, Winston Peters says. [more]

Deficit narrows to $7.7b
The balance of payments deficit narrowed in the final three months of last year as the tourism boom helped to offset the impact of weak dairy exports. [more]

Chinese ban kiwiberry imports
Kiwiberry exporters are scrambling to find customers for their fruit after Chinese authorities banned imports. [more]

Govt announces plans to change to local government law
The government is proposing law changes it says will allow local councils to share services across regions and provinces, and deliver cost-savings to ratepayers. The changes will also allow for... [more]

Police happy with settlement outcome
The lawyer who acted for three West Coast police at the centre of an employment dispute last year said they were paid a settlement but the amount remained confidential. [more]

Cheap emissions deal to be scrapped
A special 50 percent reduction on climate change obligations for New Zealand citizens and companies will be scrapped. [more]

NZ Post raises price of standard letter to $1
The cost of sending a standard piece of mail is going up to a dollar. [more]

Accept apology, privileges committee says
An apology offered by the Leader of the Opposition last year about comments he and two of his MPs made about the Speaker of the House should be accepted, Parliament's... [more]

NZ's 'jihadi brides' left from Australia
None of the so-called "jihadi brides" who became headline news last year actually left from New Zealand. [more]

NZ Navy loads more aid for Fiji's hard hit outer islands
The New Zealand navy multi purpose vessel HMNZS Canterbury has returned to Suva to load more emergency supplies for Fiji's northern islands. [more]

Milner-Skudder out for the season
A setback for the Hurricanes with winger Nehe Milner-Skudder to miss the rest of the Super Rugby season because of injury. [more]

Financial loss for New Zealand Rugby
New Zealand Rugby has posted a loss of almost $500,000 in the 2015 World Cup year. [more]

DOC making little progress on biodiversity recommendations
An Auditor General Investigation into the Department of Conservation's biodiversity management has found it has made limited progress on improving practices. [more]

Changes to Highlanders pack
Injuries have forced changes to the Highlanders pack for Friday night's Super Rugby game against the New South Wales Waratahs in Sydney. [more]

Wellington City Council considers 30km speed limit in the CBD
Wellington City Council will consider a 30 kilometre speed limit in the CBD for the second time in two years. The council voted today for officers to look into reducing... [more]

Literary superstars heading to Auckland
A star-studded international line-up, including Gloria Steinham and Marlon James, has been announced for the Auckland Writers Festival. [more]

Fire Service urges caution after three house fires
The Fire Service is urging people to eliminate any fire risks they can in their homes after a fatal blaze and two close calls early this morning. [more]

Trump marches on despite Ohio loss
The race for the Republican presidential nomination continues after Donald Trump won a decisive victory in the key state of Florida but lost to John Kasich in Ohio. [more]

Allegations former AA employee sold licenses
Police in South Auckland are investigating an allegation that a former employee of the Automobile Association has been selling fake drivers licences. [more]

Parliament to look at gun laws
Parliament's law and order select committee has agreed to hold an inquiry into gun laws. [more]

Wellington business group withdraws living wage action
Wellington Chamber of Commerce is pulling its threat of legal action over the city council's plans to extend the living wage to its security guards. The council last year voted... [more]

WCC reveals development fund details
A water-skiing competition, two English premier league clubs and cancer treatment are all on the list of initiatives partly funded by Wellington ratepayers. The Wellington City Council has for the... [more]

Military panel unable to reach verdict
A military panel has been unable to reach a verdict in the case against a navy commander accused of indecent assault at a court martial at Devonport Naval Base. [more]

Man falls to his death while doing gardening
An east Auckland man has died after falling down a cliff while doing gardening work at a beachside property. [more]

Solomons concerned about abuses in West Papua
Solomon Islands has raised concern about human rights violations in the Indonesian Province of West Papua at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. [more]

Kidnap victims return to Vanuatu
A Vanuatu mother and daughter, believed to have been kidnapped and taken to Solomon Islands, have been repatriated to Port Vila. [more]

'Mini Tuesday': Winners and losers
ANALYSIS: Rubio is gone, but Trump still has work to do and it was Clinton's day. Phil Smith looks at what 'Mini Tuesday' means for the US Presidential race. [more]

Get flu jab or wear a mask policy finds backing
The Ministry of Health is supporting a contentious policy of making health workers who do not get flu jabs wear a face mask. [more]